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Trade Ideas

View financial markets through the lens of The Lazy Trader and discover the key tenants that underpin Lazy Trading as one of the most effective and time efficient styles of trading available to private traders today. Get trade ideas daily.

All of our trading ideas articles will reveal the “how and why’ behind specific set and forget trade set-ups traded by both our fund-level traders and our online trading community. In addition to how we identify high quality trading opportunities, we will also reveal how we manage the trade and how the trade performed.

Our 3-step trading technique will show you how you can master the trade:

Entering the trade: You will be able to pinpoint low risk trade trading opportunities and set-ups, which with have high profit potential. Discover precisely where to enter market and where.

Managing the trade: By learning and applying our trade management techniques, you will be able to systematically lock in profit while reducing risk so that you can make the most from a profitable trade set-up.

Exiting the trade: By being able to understand exactly where to exit the trade, you will have made the most out of a trading opportunity without leaving yourself exposed to market risk.

So, whether you trade EURUSD or Exxon Mobile, Gold, GBBPUSD or Google, discover how our universal style of price action trading can be applied to any asset class, in any market and on any timeframe… so that you can do the same next time. Remember, every trade matters. Get trade ideas daily..

US Presidential Election: Gold Trade Setup

By Kaye Lee on November 1, 2020

If global markets were not confusing enough, gold is showing a suspicious 11-week retracement in a rising weekly uptrend (see Figure 1). Nonetheless, regardless of whether Trump or Biden wins the election, it seems reasonable that sufficient uncertainty will prevail so that a renewed flight to gold is possible, creating...

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US Presidential Election 2020: Yen Trades

By Kaye Lee on November 1, 2020

Yen trades could prove an intriguing prospect due to the US presidential election. The Dow and gold setups discussed in previous posts have not triggered their respective Blue Boxes as of this weekend. It is worth emphasising that the setups are valid even if they trigger after election night. The...

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US Elections: Watching the Dow

By Kaye Lee on November 1, 2020

As we approach US election day, it has been trickier than usual to identify trading opportunities. Although apparently the result of the election is heavily bet upon in wagering markets, the smart money has been reluctant to show its hand. Many of the currencies are in a large consolidation and...

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How to Trade USDNOK as a Trend-based Sell Set-up

By Rob on February 21, 2018

how to trade usdnok

As is generally the case with the best forex trade set-ups we have traded over the years, we have often found that there is no correlation between the asset class and the trading outcome. This is why we always trade the currency pair or asset class according to the story the...

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How to Trade USDRUB as a Medium-term Reversal

By Rob on February 18, 2018

how to trade usdrub

How to trade USDRUB - The US Dollar against the Russian Ruble (USDRUB) may not exactly be a well-known currency pair or even an obvious choice for many financial currency traders’ watch lists. However, when you cast such labels aside and interpret the story that the naked price action gave...

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Want A Potential 6.7% Return? Trade In Platinum

By Rob on January 24, 2018


Who doesn’t love the bling and sparkle that platinum can bring to our lives? Not only is a gorgeous metal to use in jewellery, it’s actually also a great metal to follow and trade on. Why trade in platinum? It’s because over the past almost two years it seems to...

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How To Trade AUDCAD

By Rob on January 18, 2018

The monthly timeframe… It’s not, perhaps, something that everyone wants to be involved with, but in this instance, when it comes to knowing how to trade AUDCAD, it can be a useful tool indeed. After all, if there is decent profit potential around a trade, isn’t it always a good...

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How We Traded Gold – A Christmas Present To Ourselves

By Rob on January 3, 2018

There is a definite seasonal bias for gold, which can mean that, come the festive period, it’s a nice way to bump up the Christmas fund. And of course, if you miss the day trading, the weekly timeframe will do nicely as well – gold has that kind of comforting...

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How to Trade CADJPY

By Rob on December 4, 2017

Success with the lazy trader

Trading CADJPY can have some interesting results, particularly when you stop to think that although CAD is in positive interest (1%), JPY is negative (-0.1%). What does this mean for your trade? It basically means that you’re in for higher returns when you play things the right way. But it’s...

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