About Us

Is it wrong to want to be richer? Is it grossly capitalist to dream of building up your wealth? Is it so terrible to try to ensure your future is comfortable and secure?
Of course not! These are just normal ambitions.

But is it sensible - or necessary - that thinking about, studying and applying wealth-building techniques should become a major preoccupation and distraction?
We think not.

Life has a lot of great stuff to offer.

Scrutinising spreadsheets, digesting complicated investment ‘How To’s and scheduling complicated trading and portfolio management platforms really shouldn’t be getting in the way. And that’s why The Lazy Trader wraps these contradictions together:

  • It’s normal and fun to want to trade, invest and learn how to put your money to work for you.
  • Life is too short to do this the hard way.

Learning how to build your wealth shouldn’t be a full time job.

It shouldn’t be so technical you have to battle to understand, or so complicated it calls for endless study. It should be interesting, fun and rewarding - so that the more you get into it the more you understand and the better able you are to make decisions.

But it really shouldn’t take much work.

If this all sounds a bit, well, ‘lazy’... that’s because it is. We admit it.

It’s a bit lazy. And that’s why we are The Lazy Trader.

So sue us.

So Who or What Actually is The Lazy Trader?

We are a financial education platform run by knowledgeable and experienced traders and investors.
We’re here to help ordinary-smart, kind-of-interested people to understand the stuff they need to know to make their money work for them.

We started out in 2010 as a trading blog set up by experienced trading enthusiast Robert Colville.
From there, we evolved into a web-based training resource for people wanting to learn how to do ‘end of day’ trading online.

Providing this training was our exclusive focus until 2020. And then we decided to move on. Trading requires application. It takes time. It is, we have to say, for die-hards.

By 2020, our interest - and that of lots of people who had been our trading students - had refocused onto easier, smarter ways to build wealth.
Lazier ways.

Things that involve less work, and are more passive, but which need be no less lucrative. In fact, investments of this kind (numismatics, copy trading and other approaches you may have read about, for example) can prove even more lucrative than trading... once you have a proper understanding of what you’re doing.

And that’s why we decided to broaden our scope.

To help you acquire a proper understanding of all those ‘lazier’ ways to set about building your wealth.


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Our Mantra of Laziness

We had planned on writing a mission statement.
A considered and weighty expression of why we exist.
This takes quite a lot of effort, however, and so seemed at odds with our essential belief, which is that lazy is best.

The Lazy Trader is committed to making finance seriously simple, laidback and fun. Our ‘Lazy Way’ will help you to increase your knowledge, accelerate your wealth and… relax! Enjoy more. Benefit more.
Do less.

That’s it.
Let’s do this together.

What We Do, in Our Infinite Laziness.

We may be lazy as wealth builders. But we are absolutely not idle as educators.

Day after day, we are hard at work providing free financial education for anyone who wants to enrich themselves… and help move in the general direction of a better world.

The information we provide deals in the main with passive wealth creation.

We enlist industry experts, and acknowledged expert finance writers, to share their knowledge, insights and ideas in ways that are accessible easy to understand and easy to follow.

What We Do, in Our Infinite Laziness.

We build huge wealth for ourselves, absolutely shamelessly, by charging you a massive amount of money to read our content.
Just kidding.

The Lazy Trader is completely free for you. Always and forever.

We don’t charge a subscription. We don’t sell courses.
Our sole revenue stream comes from advertisements and financial industry partnerships, and this income is used to pay our writers (industry experts who are passionate about their individual niches) for their work.

So you get a continual flow of absolutely top quality information for free, for ever, and our carefully chosen industry partners get exposure to people like you, whose interest in building their wealth may make their services or products of interest to you.

We earn referral commission revenue from our partners if you choose to buy from them, and this is reinvested day by day into producing our content.

If We’re So Darn Lazy... Why Bother?

That’s a great question. Netflix would certainly be easier. But we’re People of Principle! The web is rammed with self-proclaimed gurus peddling ‘Build Your Wealth’ courses and ‘get rich quick’ schemes for $000s a pop.
It’s bull.

There is no secret formula.
Absolutely anybody should be able to benefit from sustainable, long-term wealth creation approaches, no matter how rich or poor they are, or how educated they are or are not.

You don’t need to spend $1000s.

All you need is a good, reliable source of information to learn from, and to invest the time to read and learn.

So we bother because we want The Lazy Trader to be:

  • a flagship destination
    for anyone looking for impartial, authoritative - but ‘lazy’ - ways to build their wealth;
  • a ‘safe place’
    that provides you with the knowledge of proven experts and rigorously researched information;
  • somewhere you can read and learn
    without being continuously sold to.

Four Things We’ll Be Doing, Despite Our Laziness.

Get started and learn from our experts.
Take it easy, don’t do your head, and don’t try to make yourself rich in a weekend. It doesn’t work that way.
Meanwhile, we’ll be right here doing our lazy best to:

  • keep it simple, laid-back and fun;
  • make sure we earn and deserve your trust;
  • give you everything for free, in return for the 100% transparent opportunity to earn a few referral revenues here and there from our partners. (We think that’s a lazy, but pretty satisfying ‘win-win’ for everyone.); and, finally
  • disrupt the plans of all those self-proclaimed ‘experts’, ‘gurus’ and ‘mentors’ urging youto “Sign Up To My $$$Program Today”, and whose only real aim is to use a few hundred dollars of your wealth to help inflate their own.