Trade Ideas

View financial markets through the lens of The Lazy Trader and discover the key tenants that underpin Lazy Trading as one of the most effective and time efficient styles of trading available to private traders today. Get trade ideas daily. All of our trading ideas articles will reveal the "how and why' behind specific set and forget trade set-ups traded by both our fund-level traders and our online trading community. In addition to how we identify high quality trading opportunities, we will also reveal how we manage the trade and how the trade performed. Our 3-step trading technique will show you how you can master the trade: Entering the trade: You will be able to pinpoint low risk trade trading opportunities and set-ups, which with have high profit potential. Discover precisely where to enter market and where. Managing the trade: By learning and applying our trade management techniques, you will be able to systematically lock in profit while reducing risk so that you can make the most from a profitable trade set-up. Exiting the trade: By being able to understand exactly where to exit the trade, you will have made the most out of a trading opportunity without leaving yourself exposed to market risk. So, whether you trade EURUSD or Exxon Mobile, Gold, GBBPUSD or Google, discover how our universal style of price action trading can be applied to any asset class, in any market and on any timeframe… so that you can do the same next time. Remember, every trade matters. Get trade ideas daily..