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Why You Should Learn to Trade using a Forex Training Course

By Rob on July 18, 2013

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Forex Training Courses are designed to make you a profitable trader from being a complete beginner with zero experience in the markets.  You must understand that a Forex Training Course has to be more than just a weekend seminar in a hotel. Learning to trade doesn’t happen in two days. Get real!

Let us begin with what’s obvious…

Why is a Forex Training Course necessary?

You might have already started trading Forex, or you may be just thinking about it. It’s appears to be easy—sell when the market is high and buy when the market is low. If you think it doesn’t seem that difficult, you’re wrong!

You are liable to lose a good deal of money very quickly if you begin to trade the markets without any sort of Forex Training Course. Benjamin Franklin once said, “investment in education always pays the highest interest”. You would do well to remember this.

When you learn to trade with a Forex Training course, you will have a firm base in market dynamics and price action structure and thus you will learn how to trade the markets profitably. It is also critical to cover risk management or money management to keep you as safe as possible when you trade the financial markets. A sound Forex Training course will cover this.

 What comprises a good Forex Training Course?

300x250 Sun Tzu copyA Forex Training Course that is worth your time must be accessible

A high quality Forex Training Course should be available to you for a period of time, in order that you have the time to practice in the markets, and also be able to refresh your knowledge as you develop as a trader. You should not look for a miracle system that happens to work on the AUDNZD 1 hour chart, or another one that works on the EURCAD 30 minute chart. This kind of system or approach  never works in the long term.  Do you need  a strategy that works for the next 6 weeks, or a trading method that will work for the rest of your life as a trader?

A worthwhile Forex Training program must cover should not be based on having many different indicators on your charts.  It should teach basic technical analysis and price action trading.  Price action is the most important thing on the charts is so you should ensure that what you’re learning is based on that key component.

Other than that, you don’t want to simply use a ‘gut feeling’ approach so the content of a Forex Training Course should be rule based. You should have a predefined entry/exit criteria or at least one or two to choose from.  You should be offered strategies and systems that will work on all markets and timeframes. This way you can choose in which markets and timeframes you want to trade.  When you are trading, you should have a checklist or set of rules to follow. Discipline is important!

Again, to keep you treading water, rather than drowning in the beginning, it’s vital that you learn about money and risk management.

Trading Forex is not a race.

Chequered flagThere will come a time when it is clear to you that trading the markets profitably is not a race. You can’t come in first place.  To become truly confident and consistent at it, you need to spend some time in the markets.  A good quality Forex Training Course will teach you this but some of the poor ones will make you think that it’s possible to earn 20% next month. Indeed, anything’s possible; however, it’s more likely that pigs will fly than a 20% growth in your first month as a trader. You would be doing exceptionally well to be profitable in your first month. If your Forex Training Course is reputable, it will make you understand this and also help you develop as a trader, which will make you profitable over time, using price action trading methods.

In conclusion

If you are about to undertake a foray into the financial markets, and you want to trade in a marketplace like Forex, it would be in your best interest to get some good trading education in a Forex Trading Course. The courses that are charging thousands of dollars are the ones who are earning money from selling courses, rather than from teaching you to trade profitably. If you spend all your money on a course, you won’t have capital left with which to trade. It’s much better to get started with a high quality Forex Trading course.


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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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