Forex Signal AUDNZD Gains +12.5% (17th Feb 2013)

All the rules were fulfilled for a set-and-forget Lazy Trade before we placed orders to buy the cross-pair, AUDNZD on the 17th February 2013. This trade went on to make us and clients who took this forex signal's how:

We placed an OCO order for a 'buy' with an entry at 1.2211 with a mandatory stoploss at 1.2138, enabling an incredibly tight entry for maximum profit potential. This is exactly what we wanted, knowing that we would be in this trade for a number of days.

As for our 'why', we had a multitude of reasons giving us high probability that this pair was very likely to go long. We had a pin-bar reversal (low-test bar) at a historical level of support at: 1.2169 which had not been broken for years. This, in addition to a host of other reasons, this told us that there was an increased likelihood that AUDNZD was infinitely more likely to go long than go short.

Forex Signal AUDNZD 17 Feb 2013 copy

Our clients on our forex training programme were sent a forex signal, telling them exactly what orders they should place with their broker and full instruction on how to manage the trade in addition to where they should exit.

Risking 2% of our trading account, our buy order for the AUDNZD trade was triggered on the 18th and so too were our clients' orders...or at least, those who liked the look of this forex signal!

We held onto this long position, trailing our stoploss according to Lazy Trader rules over the next few days. We exited on 26th February and instructed our clients to do the same in a follow-up forex signal which instructed them they should exit too. We made a 12.5% capital appreciation on our trading account with this trade and those clients who took this forex signal, following our step-by-step instructions did too.

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