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Learn to Trade - Online trading courses

Learn to trade with The Lazy Trader and become your best with the worlds best. We have taught thousands of people around the world how to trade successfully from only a few minutes of “work” a day through our core principles of integrity, transparency and honesty.

This section will show you just how we do it. We will give you all the free trader training you could have possibly dreamt of – with access to our library of trading articles, forex videos and trading tutorials.

They will give you valuable insights into our globally acclaimed set and forget style of trading.

From beginner to professional trader, our learn to trade portal is comprehensive; showing you how you can transform your trading into a loss making mistake into a carefree, relaxing and successful hobby.

You will learn the basics of financial markets trading, the methods we use to select profitable opportunities, the all-important trader psychology…and much, much more! Many myths and misconceptions will be bulldozed along the way and you will have many of your previously held views challenged.

Using our highly effective combination of powerful trading strategies, experienced mentoring and our globally acclaimed ethos of trading lifestyle, we will help you become a successful financial markets trader.

Whether you are a struggling rookie or a consummate pro trader who just wants to continue their training and development, we will help you become the better trader you know you can be.

Lessons For Trading On The Forex Market

By Louis Holding-Parsons on September 19, 2018

Currency Pairs

There are many opportunities to make money by trading currencies. New entrants to trading on the Forex market face a lot of options, platforms and terminology! One of the reasons Forex trading is so popular with investors is markets are open pretty much 24 hours a day. The...

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What To Look For In FX Trading Accounts

By Louis Holding-Parsons on September 10, 2018

How Mobile Technology Has Revolutionized Forex Trading

What makes some FX trading accounts better than others? Identifying the best is a combination of researching brokers and highlighting some pitfalls to avoid! If you’ve decided to take part in the highs and lows of Forex trading, you will need to select a broker. While the...

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Why Does the Gold Price Change?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on September 5, 2018

The gold price’s recent drop from recent highs to a multi month low of around has re-ignited attention and the debate around the gold price. There are many reasons why the gold price moves, some are short-term others longer-term. What are the different factors that...

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Is Holding Gold as Protection Attractive?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on August 28, 2018

Learn to Trade to Monetize Your Down Time

Why is gold so trusted by investors? Is it because it is backed by a physical asset meaning it has no default risk? The yellow metal has long intrigued and even caused many to lose their heads and risk death by rushing to the Klondike in chase of it. Its hold over some of...

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What is The NASDAQ Index?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on August 20, 2018

The ‘NASDAQ’ is a term that can refer to two different meanings: first, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations exchange. This was the first electronic exchange that allowed investors to buy and sell stock on a computerized system, without...

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What is a Pip in Trading Forex?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on August 13, 2018

Benefits of Long-Term Trading

If you are reading any Forex financial markets learn to trade literature you will soon be asking yourself what is a pip? For any FX private traders looking to understand how to trade successfully, being comfortable with pip values is important for trading profitably. Pips...

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Stock Market 101: How The Stock Market Works

By Louis Holding-Parsons on July 30, 2018

Lazy Trader Analysis

How The stock market works is through being a meeting place between traders wanting to buy and sell shares in publicly listed companies. Yet a common misconception is that everyone wants the stock market to go up. Some traders believe it will go down and will go ‘short’...

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How to Trade Fibonacci and Fibonacci Retracements Successfully

By Robert Colville on July 28, 2018

Golden ratio template vector, Divine Proportions, Golden Proportion. Universal meanings. Golden spiral, method of golden section, Fibonacci array, Fibonacci retracements

How can I trade Fibonacci and Fibonacci Retracements confidently? The Fibonacci tool is very popular among traders and is can be used in the technical analysis of all asset classes and for all timeframes. If used correctly, it can be very powerful in helping the trader to...

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Why We Should Encourage Female Traders

By Louis Holding-Parsons on July 11, 2018

Get Help Trading Forex

Whenever you pick up and article in the financial press referring to a trader, it usually refers to a man. In a world where the rights and more importantly the abilities of women are increasingly being recognised, we felt it would be useful to highlight some of the recent...

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High Frequency Trading: What Works?

By Robert Colville on July 6, 2018

High frequency trading can be a big problem for traders – they trade too much under the assumption that the more they trade the more successful they will be, but that’s not the case. It won’t make them more money; in most cases it will do the opposite. You’ll become...

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