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Learn to trade with The Lazy Trader and become your best with the worlds best. We have taught thousands of people around the world how to trade successfully from only a few minutes of “work” a day through our core principles of integrity, transparency and honesty.

This section will show you just how we do it. We will give you all the free trader training you could have possibly dreamt of – with access to our library of trading articles, forex videos and trading tutorials.

They will give you valuable insights into our globally acclaimed set and forget style of trading.

From beginner to professional trader, our learn to trade portal is comprehensive; showing you how you can transform your trading into a loss making mistake into a carefree, relaxing and successful hobby.

You will learn the basics of financial markets trading, the methods we use to select profitable opportunities, the all-important trader psychology…and much, much more! Many myths and misconceptions will be bulldozed along the way and you will have many of your previously held views challenged.

Using our highly effective combination of powerful trading strategies, experienced mentoring and our globally acclaimed ethos of trading lifestyle, we will help you become a successful financial markets trader.

Whether you are a struggling rookie or a consummate pro trader who just wants to continue their training and development, we will help you become the better trader you know you can be.

How the Yield curve can influence Forex

By Louis Holding-Parsons on November 27, 2019

The future direction of the yield curve is at the centre of economic news. Although Forex news is focused on Forex trading, interest rates are an important contributor to the attractiveness of a currency. As the yield curve shows the interest rates over different...

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Inverted Yield Curve Tutorial – What it is

By Louis Holding-Parsons on November 13, 2019

Trading Fears: Adapting to Change

Bankers spent a large amount of time and money trying to predict the future. The prize is to be on the right side of a trade, either for themselves or their clients. Many reports and analysis sent by bankers to clients add little value, yet every so often a report appears...

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Tutorial Negative Interest Rates – How It All Works

By Louis Holding-Parsons on October 30, 2019

Stop Negative Thinking

Negative interest rates was considered so unlikely that some banks cannot handle it. Although “computer says no” may sound funny, the reduction in interest rates to a level where you are paying the bank to keep your money is becoming increasing reality. Within...

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Libor rates explained – your step-by-step Libor guide

By Louis Holding-Parsons on October 16, 2019

Libor rates used to be a term to describe a process that many had heard about but thought was uninspiring. That was until the Libor scandal broke into Forex news. The fact that many people were prepared to risk their careers over something so seemingly dull, highlights the...

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Lesson 101: Interest rates – interest rates explained

By Louis Holding-Parsons on October 2, 2019

How Do Interest Rates & Fundamentals Impact Your Trade Idea?

Ask anyone what interest rates are and you will usually be told it is the % they earn on a saving account. To a retail Forex trader they are the rate set by a central bank. Yet for all of us who are financially minded, they are important. They influence the rate on our...

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How has the greenback shaped today’s banking?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on September 18, 2019

Seasonal Cycles in Forex

When you work in or are interested in Finance you will come across terms which are generic but in themselves don’t mean anything. Greenback is such an example! What exactly is it? Ask most people in the street and they will associate it with the US dollar. Rightly so, but...

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How does a Currency War Start?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on September 4, 2019

Limit 3: Why You Can Have Too Many Open Trades

A currency war is when a country manipulates its currency so as to gain an advantage, usually financial. Beijing has recently been accused of currency manipulation by the US Treasury. The USA feels the Yuan is being held artificially low in a form of pegged exchange rate....

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How does Currency Manipulation Work?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on August 21, 2019

Two Truths and a Lie about Currency Trading

Currency manipulation is the opposite of a freely floating currency. Manipulating a currency is performed by governments who are seeking a pre-determined result. This will require their intervention in currency markets so as to get the outcome they desire. An economic...

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Why is a Pegged Exchange Rate Controversial?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on August 7, 2019

Could the gold price benefit from a Chinese US trade war?

A pegged exchange rate is not usually interesting enough to make it on Twitter! Unless you are Donald Trump that is. Another Trump rant on Twitter should not come as a surprise. What he ranted about was surprising though. Not since Bill Clinton has a country openly been...

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What is the Devaluation of Currency?

By Louis Holding-Parsons on July 24, 2019

Get Help Trading Forex

For an economist devaluation of currency is a basic theory, for the rest us, it’s another term a teacher used to try and convince us was important! Yet in a world where untried economic solutions are the rage, devaluation of currency has been used by different...

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