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Learn to trade with The Lazy Trader and become your best with the worlds best. We have taught thousands of people around the world how to trade successfully from only a few minutes of “work” a day through our core principles of integrity, transparency and honesty.

This section will show you just how we do it. We will give you all the free trader training you could have possibly dreamt of – with access to our library of trading articles, forex videos and trading tutorials.

They will give you valuable insights into our globally acclaimed set and forget style of trading.

From beginner to professional trader, our learn to trade portal is comprehensive; showing you how you can transform your trading into a loss making mistake into a carefree, relaxing and successful hobby.

You will learn the basics of financial markets trading, the methods we use to select profitable opportunities, the all-important trader psychology…and much, much more! Many myths and misconceptions will be bulldozed along the way and you will have many of your previously held views challenged.

Using our highly effective combination of powerful trading strategies, experienced mentoring and our globally acclaimed ethos of trading lifestyle, we will help you become a successful financial markets trader.

Whether you are a struggling rookie or a consummate pro trader who just wants to continue their training and development, we will help you become the better trader you know you can be.

Why My Forex Funds Are An Opportunity

By Louis H-P on September 1, 2022

When we write about my Forex funds we are focusing on a trader's cash. Although not helpful in making money, focusing on your Forex funds could increase your success. It goes without saying that it could also save you money if something were to go wrong with your Forex funds. History...

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How Trade Risk Management Can Save You Money

By Louis H-P on August 15, 2022

Being a risk manager first and trader second does not sound like what you want to be. Doing so may be the difference between trading successfully and losing money and quitting trading altogether. Trade risk management is easy, so why not try it and see the results for yourself? [keytakeaways]...

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Top Cryptocurrency Trading Exchanges

By Glen Goodman on August 26, 2021

Cryptocurrency trading exchanges are NOT all created equal. Some are ok, some are dodgy and some are blatant scams that will steal your money. So it is vital that you know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge and lose your money. I started trading crypto in 2014,...

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Best Social Trading Platforms

By Louis H-P on April 20, 2021

Businessman using mobile smartphone to access social trading platforms

Social trading is a convenient way to trade in almost any asset, such as forex, crypto, and stocks. Essentially, it allows users to replicate the trades of top performing traders. But with so many platforms on the market, it’s hard to know which one matches your specific needs. In this...

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The Pros and Cons of Social Trading Vs Traditional Trading

By Louis H-P on March 26, 2021

Hand touching global network of social trading platforms

In this article, we explore the pros and cons of social trading vs. traditional trading. Whilst traditional trading relies on conducting your own market analysis and developing your own trading strategy, social trading allows you to quickly replicate someone else’s trading idea. But is social trading any better than the...

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What is a Volume Indicator?

By Louis H-P on April 1, 2020

Despite Forex traders looking for every advantage possible, a volume indicator is often left as the last port of call. Many retail Forex traders first look at the graph. A currency which is going up is often seen as attractive, because it may continue to go up… but how can...

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What is Real Currency Volatility?

By Louis H-P on March 26, 2020

Currency volatility may appear rather normal to many, but there is a big difference to seasoned Forex day traders. Day to day moves up or down, or anything around 1% isn’t much to write home about. A double digit move in a matter of minutes, often caused by a Black...

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How Can You Profit From Oil Trading 21

By Louis H-P on March 18, 2020

In the extraordinary times that we live in today, oil trading 21 seems a weird subject to be discussing. Yet headlines such as oil down 21% are becoming centre page news. Although oil has been under pressure for some time due to the laws of supply and demand, it took...

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What Actually is Volatility Trading?

By Louis H-P on March 4, 2020

Ask anyone about financial markets and one of their first thoughts is volatility. Many ordinary people fear volatility but retail Forex traders love volatility! Traders see volatility as an opportunity, where the mis-pricing of securities leads to the possibility of profiting from trading. Yet every form of trading is risky,...

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