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Learn to trade with The Lazy Trader and become your best with the worlds best. We have taught thousands of people around the world how to trade successfully from only a few minutes of “work” a day through our core principles of integrity, transparency and honesty.

This section will show you just how we do it. We will give you all the free trader training you could have possibly dreamt of – with access to our library of trading articles, forex videos and trading tutorials.

They will give you valuable insights into our globally acclaimed set and forget style of trading.

From beginner to professional trader, our learn to trade portal is comprehensive; showing you how you can transform your trading into a loss making mistake into a carefree, relaxing and successful hobby.

You will learn the basics of financial markets trading, the methods we use to select profitable opportunities, the all-important trader psychology…and much, much more! Many myths and misconceptions will be bulldozed along the way and you will have many of your previously held views challenged.

Using our highly effective combination of powerful trading strategies, experienced mentoring and our globally acclaimed ethos of trading lifestyle, we will help you become a successful financial markets trader.

Whether you are a struggling rookie or a consummate pro trader who just wants to continue their training and development, we will help you become the better trader you know you can be.

What is a Volume Indicator?

By Louis H-P on April 1, 2020

Despite Forex traders looking for every advantage possible, a volume indicator is often left as the last port of call. Many retail Forex traders first look at the graph. A currency which is going up is often seen as attractive, because it may continue to go up… but how can...

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What is Real Currency Volatility?

By Louis H-P on March 26, 2020

Currency volatility may appear rather normal to many, but there is a big difference to seasoned Forex traders. Day to day moves up or down, or anything around 1% isn’t much to write home about. A double digit move in a matter of minutes, often caused by a Black swan...

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How Can You Profit From Oil Trading 21

By Louis H-P on March 18, 2020

In the extraordinary times that we live in today, oil trading 21 seems a weird subject to be discussing. Yet headlines such as oil down 21% are becoming centre page news. Although oil has been under pressure for some time due to the laws of supply and demand, it took...

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What Actually is Volatility Trading?

By Louis H-P on March 4, 2020

Ask anyone about financial markets and one of their first thoughts is volatility. Many ordinary people fear volatility but retail Forex traders love volatility! Traders see volatility as an opportunity, where the mis-pricing of securities leads to the possibility of profiting from trading. Yet every form of trading is risky,...

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How Attractive are Forex Day Trading Strategies?

By Louis H-P on February 19, 2020

Fast money and making a quick buck is everyone's dream and makes Forex day trading strategies attractive. Why? Because many think they are an easy way to become rich. Sadly many unscrupulous brokers will push that line to get you signed up, ignoring the truth. Joining successful retail Forex traders...

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How to Day Trade Crypto Currency?

By Louis H-P on February 5, 2020

Is actually rather simple... it's the same as Forex trading! Fundamentally you are trying to profit from the volatility of an asset class, that trades between two counter parties. But there are particularities to be aware of, with regard how to day trade crypto currency. The boring parts... Crypto currencies...

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What Can I Learn from Currency Dealers?

By Louis H-P on January 22, 2020

Currency dealers is one of those mythical financial terms which everyone has heard about, but without quite knowing what it really means. In financial job descriptions, some job titles are used interchangeably and can be a little confusing to the outsider. Currency dealers are not quite as Wolf of Wall...

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What Creates Currency Appreciation?

By Louis H-P on January 8, 2020

Why does increasing your capital through currency appreciation never come up in discussion? The opportunity to create wealth uses Forex trading is often missed. Yet investing in Forex strategies such as the weekly chart, can prove profitable over the long-term. Here we give some examples why currency appreciation occurs, which...

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Is the pound undervalued due to politics?

By Louis H-P on December 12, 2019

"Pound undervalued" has been a regular comment over the past few months as Sterling has seemingly free fallen. As any retail Forex trader knows, currencies are volatile, but major currencies tend to trade in a range rather than drop 20%+ in under 12months! Let's explore how this happened. How did we...

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How the Yield curve can influence Forex

By Louis H-P on November 27, 2019

The future direction of the yield curve is at the centre of economic news. Although Forex news is focused on Forex trading, interest rates are an important contributor to the attractiveness of a currency. As the yield curve shows the interest rates over different maturities, it is important for retail...

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