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Trader Hypnosis – Free for Lazy Traders!

By The Lazy Trader on August 11, 2013

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Ok, so you if you’ve got the profitable strategy, the support of a mentor and trade ideas drip-fed into your mailbox… but are still getting it wrong. It’s probably you.

Sound familiar? It’s ok, many of us have been there. But very few of us know how to correct it.

There’s something wrong at a deeper level. So deep that most trader’s don’t even notice it, care or even know what to do.

Many of us who have nursed battle scars from the market in the past now know that trading psychology and inner-game are the most importing battle elements in winning the war. Nothing new there!

But the huge problem is that mastering our own psychology down to us. We are left alone to fend for ourselves and for that single reason, it is easy to blame ourselves if we foul up…and we do.

If there were definitive books and courses out there tackling huge white elephant of trader psychology… but would you read them?… Honestly?

Imagine getting into an end-of-day trade which heads straight into profit…until a retracement you see when glued to the 5 minute chart. You get out of the trade, scraping together all but a couple of bucks profit only – to your horror – to find it reaches for the stars. Except the trade’s made a seismic gain without you.

You slam the mouse down, kick the cat and slam the door in frustration knowing that you left the party before it got good.  You broke the rules, ignored your mentor’s advice and have no one else to blame apart from yourself.

Ever heard the adage: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”?

But here’s the question… What if you can?

trading affirmationsIf there was one missing link in your trading to being consistently profitable, the hardest thing for anyone to acknowledge on their road to victory is that they are their own worst enemy. Over riding the ego and admitting to this is half the battle won.

Are you one of those people? I have some exciting news for you which will help you smash this vicious circle once and for all.

What if you could reprogram your mind at a deep, subconscious level to emulate the beliefs and traits of consistently profitable traders without having to take any time out of your day or even pay a cent. Imagine being able to do all of this plugged into your portable audio device on the go, or even by hitting the play button before leaning back, eyes closed into an easy chair.

It gets better… What if all of this “trader hypnosis” was for free? Now that would be pretty good wouldn’t it?

A very good friend and colleague of mine, Kaye Lee, founder of  Straight Talk Trading, who I have had the pleasure of working alongside in trading environments in London, Singapore and Malaysia, is the mastermind behind this cutting-edge research. What is more, he has very kindly offered to Lazy Trader clients exclusive access to his never seen before programme of cutting edge self-hypnotherapy and mental programming techniques.

Valued at $429, this ground-breaking course won’t cost Lazy Traders a cent. It will be free. Yes you read right – free – courtesy of Straight Talk Trading. From the 22nd August you will be able to download from the member’s area at your leisure.

The trader hypnosis course will be in audio form and you can make use of it on the go, whether you’re walking the dog, sunbathing with ice-cream in hand on the beach or simply relaxing at home.

All of the content on the trader hypnosis course will be absorbed at subconscious level so you don’t have to write notes…just hit play and let the system work for you for your continued trader development.

Here is what it looks like!…but wait. Hold your horses…it will be available from the 22nd August. Patience my friend!

> Deep Theta Programming for Optimal Trader Development
> Hypnosis for Fast Tracking Effective Trader Psychology
> Mental Vision Board Visualisation Techniques
> Wealth Programming for the Subconscious 

Worth a pretty penny ($429) Lazy Trader clients get all of this for free, as part of their membership. Give it a go. Backed by a 100% money back guarantee you don’t have anything to lose! Click here.

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated to bringing simplicity to finance while presenting powerful, viable and tested wealth creation strategies to make the world a happier, wealthier place..

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