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Trade With A Purpose Webinar – Free and Informative

By Lisamarie Lamb on June 19, 2018

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Trade with a purpose: no matter how much trading you do, or for how long you have been doing it, there is always more to learn. That’s why webinars can be ideal places to find out more about trading, and discover new techniques, find role models, and pick up tips to become as successful as possible.

And at The Lazy Trader, we have a fantastic webinar coming up for you. The webinar is taking place on Wednesday 20th June and it’s called Trade With A Purpose. It is hosted by Traders Talk Live – take a look here for more information on the kinds of exciting talks you’ll be able to listen to: www.traderstalklive.com.

Trade with a purpose

During Trade With A Purpose, the Lazy Trader has a special spot at 10.45 to 11.30am (Eastern time). Our special webinar is called How To Trade News Like A Professional. We’re so excited to be presenting this to you, as not only is it packed with great information on the topic, but we’ve got a range of superb special guests too.



How To Trade News Like A Professional: Online Trading Webinar

Our Trade With A Purpose talk will cover:

✦ How to successfully trade the news without knowing or even caring what the news is or when it is released

✦ How to use news as a catalyst to maximising trade set-ups with huge profit potential (while only risking a small amount)

✦ Why it actually pays to ignore the news

Trade with a purpose

Traders Talk Live is an amazing free webinar platform for all traders, from beginners to experts, to learn as much as possible about trading, including software, different strategies, training courses, and a lot more besides. The Trade With A Purpose webinar is just one of many that take place regularly throughout the year, and, as always, this webinar is a multi-speaker event that will include some of the most highly respected traders in the business. As well as Rob Colville from The Lazy Trader, the speakers for Trade With A Purpose comprise of Wally Olopade (Starting The Second Half of the Year on the Right Side), Alla Peters (How Fibonacci Will Improve Your Entries and Profit Targets on Any Instrument and Any Time Frame), Eric ‘The Wolfman’ Wilkinson (Options Trading Shortcuts), and Peter Davies (Order Flow – Back to Basics).

Trade With A Purpose is a free webinar, and you can (and should!) register your interest at www.traderstalklive.com.

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