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Meet The Lazy Trader

By admin on December 3, 2012

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Meet The Lazy Trader: Known internationally for his ability to trade for no more than ten minutes a day, Rob Colville, aka The Lazy Trader, is a London-based fund trader and mentor. He is on a mission to show how private investors can make more from doing less in financial markets trading from following his signature end-of-day trading strategies and trade signals.

Since 2009, Rob has personally taught his unique brand of ‘set-and-forget’ trading to thousands of clients from all walks of life at live trading events, seminars, and one-to-one, to audiences in the UK, South Africa, Malaysia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Singapore.

Rob trades foreign exchange (forex), stocks, indices and commodities, and has done since 2007. While he admitted in a recent Q&A session to having made every rookie error possible back in the days of his own development as a trader, he has since become internationally-recognised as a market leader in end-of-day trading, and regularly contributes to: Your Trading Edge, FX Trader Magazine, FX Street, FX-MM and Trader Mag.

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Rob is determined to add value in an industry which has in recent years been completely inundated with hype and conmen, and his vision is to provide a trader training service which is affordable and accessible to all but was also backed up by results and trading strategies which work in all markets.

Notorious for his entertaining and humorous approach in both live and recorded presentations, webcasts and videos, Rob is staunchly politically incorrect and transforms what is widely regarded as a dry and complex subject into a fun and enriching learning experience.

What originally started off as a loose confederation of rants and blog articles, ‘The Lazy Trader’ was born in 2010 and thanks to the high number of personal requests for coaching and trade recommendations from past clients dotted around the globe, Rob decided to pull everything together into one central place, once and for all for his growing band of followers. TheLazyTrader.com was born, and has since evolved into an online trader training resource with one clear mission statement:

“To provide a real-time education to time-strapped private investors with a fully transparent and accountable trader training service, teaching tried and tested trading strategies which work in all markets and are underpinned by trade signals so that they too have the potential to make fantastic long-term growth on their trading account without spending all day in front of the computer screen.

Backed by his personal cast-iron guarantee, Rob is so passionate about the effectiveness and quality of The Lazy Trader’s trader education that he offers a no-risk, 100% no-questions-asked refund in the unlikely event it falls short of expectation or trading is simply not for the client.

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The Lazy Trader is a fund-level trader who trades for no more than ten minutes a day.

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The Lazy Trader is a fund-level trader who trades for no more than ten minutes a day.

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