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Imitation of The Lazy Trader – The Sincerest Form of Flattery…

By Lisamarie Lamb on April 10, 2018

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…but when it comes to something we’ve worked hard to create and a brand we are proud of, imitation of The Lazy Trader is not something we can allow to continue. That’s why we had to do something about the imitation that another site was attempting.

The Lazy Trader – an International trademarked business name

Since The Lazy Trader is a trademarked brand name, we knew that the other site would have to back down and, on 12th March, that’s exactly what happened when The Lazy Trader – the real one! – was victorious over the imposter. The other site was in clear breach of international copyright laws, particularly as they were offering similar services to ours.

imitation of the lazy trader

And it wasn’t just the name either. It was The Lazy Trader’s slogans and pricing structure too. Now, we’re all for everyone being able to make their own way in the world and starting your own business is a fantastic thing to do, but that’s the key point here. Starting your own business… Now stealing someone else’s hard work and ideas and barely tweaking them is definitely lazy, but it’s not The Lazy Trader. Which is why this imposter’s plan of imitation of The Lazy Trader had to be stopped.

The biggest problem was that since everything looked so similar to us at the real The Lazy Trader it was causing a lot of confusion because people were mistaking it for us. And that could have had a serious impact on our reputation (as well as, we’re not ashamed to admit, our bottom line).

You can rest assured that if there is ever another case of this identify theft, we will be there to stop it. We’ve worked hard to create our globally recognised and well-liked brand and we aren’t about to let someone use us for their own gain. By all means, start your own business, make it about trading, help people out with your knowledge and expertise, but don’t use an already established business to do it… that’s just wrong.

We already have more imposters in our sights and we are ready to do what’s right – it’s what we’re all about at the Lazy Trader, after all! We are hoping to send a powerful message to anyone who intentionally (or even unintentionally) piggy-backs on our hard work. We don’t want our clients to be confused and bamboozled. We’ll do all we can to put things right.

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