Allan Kleynhans: How to Avoid Self Sabotage in Trading… and in Life!

Allan Kleynhans is someone who knows more than a thing or two about what makes people tick. In fact, he's a renowned international speaker and high-end performance coach. He has worked alongside Anthony Robbins and trained a number of pre-eminent sports teams. Allan's expertise can be applied to a broad spectrum of situations and professions including financial markets trading.

Table of Contents

  • Affirmations are extremely important, and the most powerful is 'I am enough'

  • Taking risks is not as risky as you think

  • Self-sabotaging is something we do without even realising it

  • You have to work at being happy - it does not come naturally

  • Keep learning or you will go backwards

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Positivity is rewarding over the long-term

Every morning Allan Kleynhans practices gratitude - he can see that the seeds he sowed many years ago are finally coming to fruition. It's this that is important when it comes to understanding trading; the payoff might not be immediate, but you do need to keep on working at it to get there. Trade smarter and don't look for a short term win.

Allan Kleynhans

There is one underlying reason why people can't achieve their goals; they think they're not good enough.  Allan Kleynhans suggests this comes from painful experiences that we all have growing up - it sets itself rock solid in people's minds.

This is what stops people from taking steps forward. No matter how wonderful your dream is and how excited you are about it, if you can't get past that one psychological issue, you won't get any further. It's like a weed that needs to be removed.

Affirmations are helpful

Reprogramming the mind with gratitude and positive affirmations will help. Affirmations are powerful - Napoleon Hill wrote about affirmations in his 1937 book, and he knew even then. Affirm something over and over and it will start to take root, and then it will become real.

The problem, Allan Kleynhans says, is that after affirmation comes conviction - at that point you won't even be open to any other possibilities. This is another way to self-sabotage yourself; conviction means you are keeping yourself stuck again. Keep a good balance.

Conviction can work against you

It relates back to self-sabotaging a trade. People go into a trade knowing the Forex tips. They know the rules for entry, management, and exit, yet they go against those rules when it comes down to it.

The problem is they are sure that they will not fail; that is something that happens to other people. Yet they will fail, and that's a problem. If you can become more self-disciplined you will do a lot better.

Learn to take risks

Allan Kleynhans says that people are often fearful of failure and it means that don't take risks. People are also afraid of success because they are unsure of what it will do to their relationships. For example. Fear - no matter what you are afraid of - is going to undermine your success. Fundamentally, fear is fear.

Fear is false evidence appearing real; you've allowed yourself to buy into the false evidence that appears real in the mind. When you tell yourself that something is real, the same chemicals are fired off in your body as when something actually is real. So it's easy to self-sabotage yourself this way.

Money can be an emotional barrier

Money is important when it comes to our spiritual development. We all need to know how to manage money effectively. The problem is that many people in the western world have been taught that their self-worth is related to their net worth. If their net worth goes up or down, their self-worth goes up or down with it.

If they are not comfortable with money and how it can work for them, they will reach a point where they will tell themselves they are not worthy of the money they are making, and they will self-sabotage. They will lose the money somehow; it's why forex traders lose money.

Wealth psychology is so important.

we have to feel happy and content no matter how much money we have. If we have high self-worth then everything else will come afterwards. This is why 'I am enough' is the most powerful affirmation of all.

You should never stop learning

To attain your goals you need to read. Read specific information and learn anything and everything about energy. You need to understand how to use energy effectively otherwise it will be trapped in your body.

You will also need a solid peer group that challenges you and makes you raise your standards. if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

Learn to become your own friend

You will also need to become your own best friend. You'll never be bored, you'll never feel lonely. It also makes you better company for other people.

Invest in yourself too - find a coach and join a programme. You need to keep learning. Motivation is like a warm bath; it never lasts. That's why you need to keep learning. When you stop learning you go backwards. Seek out the best coaches and do your research; it is worth it.

Develop a powerful relationship with your higher self. That might be God, GOD (good orderly direction), or anything else. You must align yourself with your higher self and not your ego mind that will take you in a different direction. Find out why you are here and who you really are.


You are the one who controls how happy you will be. Although it comes naturally to some, for the majority we have to work at it. This means discipline and being prepared to look at ourselves. If you are prepared to do the work then the positivity you will gain will help achieve more goals.

Allan Kleynhans can be found at


  • Now to cut straight to the pith, you've trained and mentored scores of high-profile individuals to essentially become the better person they know they can be; be it in their personal and professional lives. What are the main psychological sticking points do you think that people have which prevents them from attaining their goals?
  • Let's talk about self-sabotage - this causes people do things that they know is inherently wrong and will stifle their chances of success…but they do it anyway?
  • We see it all the time in trading - when students have been taught very previse rules for entry, management and exit and they know not to break those rules…but they do anyway. Do you think this is related the why people generally self-sabotage?
  • A lot has been covered about people being fearful of failure - especially when it comes to taking risks that may be outside of their comfort zone. Say a new job or opportunity. However, not so much has been talked about when it comes to people being fearful of success. Are they not essentially the same thing?
  • Why do you think people are fearful of success as well as failure?
  • Tell me a little more about your journey from where you once where to the now. I know it hasn't exactly being plain sailing?
  • What are your top 5 tips for people who want to attain their goals and bulldoze those limiting beliefs?
  • If people want to find out more about you offer, how can people reach you?

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