Instantly Save with These 7 Everyday Money saving Hacks

Money saving hacks are going to be increasingly important as we enter a long cost of life crisis. Those who can start using these first will develop a habit which will lead to them finding other financial efficiencies. Also if you are late to change, you are likely to gain less as a result. First mover advantage works both in gaining something and also reducing your loss. Hopefully our suggestions below will lead you to find others!

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    “the platform offers some impressive features but withdrawing money can be difficult.”

    Robert Firmin
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    76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

  • What are money saving hacks

  • Do you know about these daily saving hacks

  • How it can make you richer over the longer-term

What are money saving hacks?

Multiple money saving hacks will increase your cash holdings

These are small things you can do which will save you money. These will often require either a small but repetitive change in your lifestyle (I.e. evolving) or a change in approach. The latter is more demanding but also more rewarding in terms of saving your money.

Can you not cycle to work?

Non-cyclists will say no before looking, but is there truly no safe route to work? Someone I know said no when I suggested it to them. I then rode a route to their office: it was on quiet streets for half the distance and then along a river. Hardly a chore. Throw in the cash saving on public transport tickets, not to mention the unpleasantness and it was an automatic winner.

Public transport has become very expensive for what it is: price increase above inflation every year, strikes, leaves on the line, signal fault. How about you 'mind the gap' in your finances by reducing what your use of it. One final trick: start in summer and build your confidence and your resistance to the weather. When the autumn comes around you will ignore the poor weather so use to cycling you are by then. You could even cancel your gym membership if you cycle every day.

Make takeaways special, not normal

I appreciate many of you are tired after work and cannot be bothered to cook so order a takeaway, but check the cost accumulation. Reducing takeaways will be a huge saving, so why not make it a special event? Indeed, maybe look at how you are living your life so as to reduce your dependence on the need for a takeaway.

Also, shop around for a deal. Mondays and Tuesdays are typically quieter nights, as a result there are often deals. For example Just Eat runs 20% off on cheeky Tuesdays. Finally can you not find a cheaper takeaway? For all its criticisms McDonald's is often substantially cheaper than an equivalent meal.

Lose sugar... and weight

If you check your supermarket receipt, your most expensive items are usually the ones which have large amounts of sugar. These include, biscuits, cakes, cereals and fizzy drinks. Why not replace these with something else such as making your own orange juice? You will spend less and loose weight in the process.

Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. We all eat far too much sugar in our diet and have become far too dependent on it. You will also have less sugar highs, which in turn will make you more productive.

Target food shopping deals

Supermarkets hate being left with food which they cannot sell and this often includes perishable goods such as fruit of vegetables. Go into most supermarkets around 3pm and you will notice that they have set out heavily discounted items.

Why? Because before 3pm they hope to sell them at full price, whereas from 5pm is when commuters rush in to pick something before heading home. If you have the discipline to go just after 3pm you will be able to pick up many a bargain of healthy food. Not only are you paying less than the standard price but because these are fruit and vegetables they are already cheap!

Reducing your heating bill with candles

Another unorthodox suggestion but worth a consideration. With energy prices at all time high, heating your home throughout the day may not be possible. Although first thing in the morning and in the evening with outside temperatures cold you may need to have the heating on.

Outside these times have you considered using candles? During the day, the temperature is cold but not prohibitively. If you working from home, I.e. in one room, why not keep the heating off and use a few candles to warm yourself. A couple of tea lights can easily warm a small sized bedroom (especially added by the heat from your computer screen and desk lamp).

Do not buy branded goods

In today's superficially-focused world, the idea of buying something which is not a recognised brand may be a no-no, but it could save you money. Several year's ago I was listening to a trading update for an internationally famous fast-moving consumer goods company. The CEO freely admitted that there was no difference between there £4 a box medication he was selling and the 50p box sold by supermarkets.

When it comes to hygiene, cleaning and beauty products, the expensively-priced items are rarely better than the cheaper ones. They just have better marketing, which you are paying for.

Buy the oldest new iPhone

How pressing is your need to be the coolest? An iPhone is a status-symbol but how many of us truly know which is the latest version? Therefore even for the most fashion conscious among us, just buy a new 'old' iPhone.

If Apple are selling the iPhone 11, go and buy the 8 or which ever is the older model they are still selling new. The difference in cost will be noticeable. You will still get the excellence of an iPhone but with a money saving approach!

Use reward cards

If you are prepared to look around there are money saving hacks available through reward cards. Examples include cash back on debit cards and Avio points (which can reduce your British Airways tickets cost).

Tesco supermarket recently amended their rewards program on their Clubcard. Gone are the irritating vouchers and in come deals where you pay less if you are a Clubcard holder. This is a cash saving and it starts to make a substantial difference if you pay attention to what you buy.


Of course one of the easiest money saving hacks is to stop spending money. Yet it might be too big a step to go from your current spending to stopping suddenly. Using some tricks to reduce your spending will give you the confidence to get there. Just because times are hard does not mean you cannot make improvements to your life, which will stand you in good stead when the good times return.

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