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Learn to Invest

Learn to invest with The Lazy Trader and build the skills for wealth creation that will last you a lifetime.

This section will give you free and full access to a comprehensive range of jargon-busting investing articles, ‘how to’ videos and tutorials that are suitable from beginner to investing pro. Our simple, step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials will teach you everything you need to think and act like a ‘stock market smart’. All are written and produced in plain English by our experts for a more enjoyable and accessible learning experience!

Underpinned by our founding principles of integrity and honesty, our step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials are dedicated to helping you tap into the many long-term benefits successful equities investing can bring.

Whether it’s guidance on simply how and where to start or the precise formulas used by professional investors, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking to hone the art of cherry-picking undervalued stocks with decent upside potential, seeking high dividend yielding blue chips or simply looking for tips to avoid getting your fingers burned, look no further!

It’s never ‘too late’ nor a ‘bad time’ to learn to invest, especially from those who are both experienced and active in the markets. We feel that the lessons you will learn are timeless and invaluable in your journey as an investor.

Why Sector Rotation Is An Opportunity

By Louis H-P on October 18, 2020

Sector rotation is an opportunity to make more money tomorrow. If you have investments which are going up, you should consider how long they will continue to do so. If these investments are considered hot stocks, then rotating into another sector or different type of stock is wise. It is...

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Diversify Your Risk With A Foreign Portfolio Investment

By Louis H-P on October 11, 2020

With so many investors focusing on large tech companies, diversifying into a foreign portfolio investment strategy could be a smart move. Investing in areas which others are ignoring, means you get in first and benefit when others follow. Investing in foreign stocks also has diversification and risk mitigation benefits.  What...

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How Upside Risk Can Trip You Up

By Louis H-P on October 4, 2020

It may sound odd to investors to consider upside risk as a threat to their portfolio, but the risk is real! Although the risk that an investment goes up is to be welcomed, it is useful to analyse what can happen if you miss a market rally. Being late to...

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Today’s Portfolio Protection Demands Creativity

By Louis H-P on September 28, 2020

Ask investors why they need portfolio protection, and they will think first about systematic risk. This makes sense for listed holdings. Yet with all assets classes increasingly becoming eye wateringly expensive, investors may have to come up with creative ideas to protect the value of their investments.  [keytakeaways]   How...

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Identify Downside Risk Before It Is Too Late

By Louis H-P on September 21, 2020

Few novice investors will consider downside risk when they first make an investment. Often their first investment is in a company they have read about in the news and identify with. Tesla has been a case in point, where investors flock to it despite an increased nonsensical valuation. It's recent...

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How Buy The Dip Has Become The New Norm

By Louis H-P on September 14, 2020

To buy the dip in today's stock market will have made you money. Not so long ago the stock market was driven by earnings upgrades. Today it is driven by the Fed upgrading its quantitative easing to take in newer asset classes. How has this happened and what should investors...

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Why An Investment Trust Can Complement Your Portfolio

By Louis H-P on September 7, 2020

An investment trust is a complicated way of describing a company which will invest your money for you. Most investment trusts will have a clear mandate to target a particular region, sector or asset class. Some investment trusts will be even more specific, targeting income or capital preservation.  [keytakeaways] What...

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Why Doubling Down Can Be Profitable

By Louis H-P on August 31, 2020

Doubling down should not always be seen as a risky bet. For disciplined investors, it is both a strategy to gain a good average entry price, as well as a form of capital preservation. The manner in which an investment decision is made can define the risk, as opposed to...

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Do You Know When To Sell Stocks?

By Louis H-P on August 30, 2020

There are many reasons when to sell stocks, with fundamental research often providing you with warning of slower profits ahead. Yet for those learning to invest there are other reasons to be aware of. These circumstances, when they appear should encourage you to look with a closer eye.  What will...

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When Hot Stocks Get Too Hot Too Handle

By Louis H-P on August 17, 2020

Many articles will focus on which hot stocks to buy and how much they will make you. In this article we will focus on the opposite, highlighting how hot stocks can lose you money and how to avoid owning them. What will I learn Why too hot Past examples How...

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