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Learn to Invest

Learn to invest with The Lazy Trader and build the skills for wealth creation that will last you a lifetime.

This section will give you free and full access to a comprehensive range of jargon-busting investing articles, ‘how to’ videos and tutorials that are suitable from beginner to investing pro. Our simple, step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials will teach you everything you need to think and act like a ‘stock market smart’. All are written and produced in plain English by our experts for a more enjoyable and accessible learning experience!

Underpinned by our founding principles of integrity and honesty, our step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials are dedicated to helping you tap into the many long-term benefits successful equities investing can bring.

Whether it’s guidance on simply how and where to start or the precise formulas used by professional investors, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking to hone the art of cherry-picking undervalued stocks with decent upside potential, seeking high dividend yielding blue chips or simply looking for tips to avoid getting your fingers burned, look no further!

It’s never ‘too late’ nor a ‘bad time’ to learn to invest, especially from those who are both experienced and active in the markets. We feel that the lessons you will learn are timeless and invaluable in your journey as an investor.

What You Can Learn From The Failed Genius Sam Bankman…

By Louis H-P on November 19, 2022

When FTX started to get into trouble, Sam Bankman Fried became even more central to its story. It soon became apparent that FTX was going to struggle to survive and a bankruptcy was looking likely. It then transpired that FTX has been run in such a manner that not only...

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Instantly Save with These 7 Everyday Money saving Hacks

By Louis H-P on November 6, 2022

Money saving hacks are going to be increasingly important as we enter a long cost of life crisis. Those who can start using these first will develop a habit which will lead to them finding other financial efficiencies. Also if you are late to change, you are likely to gain...

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5 Simple Steps to Stop Spending Money

By Louis H-P on October 26, 2022

In times of financial pressure learning to stop spending money can be very helpful. Many aspire to this but few succeed. Often it is because of a mental block, created by oneself. In the following article we will cover steps which do not require effort to start. They also have...

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Why I’m Investing In Inflation Bonds To Protect My Wealth

By Louis H-P on October 14, 2022

We live in a period of high inflation, which is unlikely to go away anytime soon. As a result we need to consider investments which will protect us from this inflation risk. Otherwise our purchasing power will suffer. Investing in inflation bonds may not be our first thought, but it...

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Why Currency Risk Can Be Genuinely Painful

By Louis H-P on October 7, 2022

Currency risk is often associated with companies who trade in different foreign markets. Unfortunately as many investors and traders have found over the years, this risk also applies to them. This can come from a direction you do not expect but is no less powerful. To combat this eventually we...

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Why A Balanced Portfolio Is No Longer Fit For Purpose

By Louis H-P on October 2, 2022

Talk to your grand-parents about the strategy their investments follow and they invariably mention that it Is a balanced portfolio. This approach was widely considered a good compromise. This was between the wealth increasing but volatile equities, and the steady and boring bonds. The margin of safety that bonds provided...

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Do You Know Your Maximum Risk?

By Louis H-P on September 20, 2022

Focusing on your maximum risk should be the focus of every investor, yet few do it. Although many have heard of risk management, few actually apply it to their investing decision-making. Worryingly many investors and traders do not realise how risky their portfolios are, and even fewer know how to...

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Why The Oil Rig Count Can Be A Good Idea

By Louis H-P on September 13, 2022

Inventors look for all sorts of ways to gain an advantage. Those investing in oil are known to do an oil rig count. The theory is simple, a high number of oil rigs in storage means lack of demand. No oil rigs means the opposite, oil demand is soaring. Yet...

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Is the NFT Bubble About to Burst?

By Elizabeth Blessing on August 5, 2022

If you ask some investors, a better question might be: “Has the NFT bubble already burst?” That’s because it’s clear we are in the middle of a bear market for both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A bear market is generally defined as the decline of an asset’s price (often...

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The History of the Bitcoin to Pounds Exchange Rate

By Caroline Banton on July 22, 2022

Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their volatility, and this ignominy is perfectly borne out by the history of the bitcoin to pounds exchange rate. It’s a journey of roller coaster highs and lows guaranteed to have the most risk-tolerant investors salivating and the risk-averse quaking. The BTC-pound exchange rate soared from...

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