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Learn to Invest

Learn to invest with The Lazy Trader and build the skills for wealth creation that will last you a lifetime.

This section will give you free and full access to a comprehensive range of jargon-busting investing articles, ‘how to’ videos and tutorials that are suitable from beginner to investing pro. Our simple, step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials will teach you everything you need to think and act like a ‘stock market smart’. All are written and produced in plain English by our experts for a more enjoyable and accessible learning experience!

Underpinned by our founding principles of integrity and honesty, our step-by-step ‘learn to invest’ tutorials are dedicated to helping you tap into the many long-term benefits successful equities investing can bring.

Whether it’s guidance on simply how and where to start or the precise formulas used by professional investors, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking to hone the art of cherry-picking undervalued stocks with decent upside potential, seeking high dividend yielding blue chips or simply looking for tips to avoid getting your fingers burned, look no further!

It’s never ‘too late’ nor a ‘bad time’ to learn to invest, especially from those who are both experienced and active in the markets. We feel that the lessons you will learn are timeless and invaluable in your journey as an investor.

The Biggest Rogue Traders in Finance…. of All Time: Rogue…

By Louis H-P on April 11, 2021

Rogue traders in finance are fascinating because of the huge losses which normally accompany there discovery. Yet what many readers may not realise, is that it relatively easy to go from being a trustworthy trader to a rogue one. This is because traders are given enormous power to place large...

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The Biggest Investment Pyramid Schemes of All Time

By Louis H-P on April 4, 2021

A pyramid scheme promises big salaries through enticing adverts. If you were attracted to this article because of the featured image then you are halfway to being defrauded. By placing an image which was bound to attract your interest, I get a chance to promise you something you want more...

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The Rapid Rise of Non-Fungible Tokens: a Bubble About to…

By Louis H-P on March 21, 2021

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs for short, are the latest investment megatrend. Somewhat more creative than others, their value has gone beyond any conventional norm in a short space of time. NFTs are a digital answer for collecting items which we attach value to. With life increasingly being lived online, every...

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What is An Interest Rate Rise, How to Protect Yourself…

By Louis H-P on March 14, 2021

An interest rate rise was once a normal occurrence in finance, with quantitative easing it is a novelty! An entire generation of Europeans have never seen a true interest rate rise cycle. With inflation risk having seemingly disappeared, the reflation policies being pursued by governments, means that investors should educate...

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What Is Reflation And How Can I Profit From It?

By Louis H-P on March 7, 2021

The ravages caused by the Covid imposed lock downs has created a need for reflation. This is the manufacture of inflation by increasing the amount of money in circulation in an economy. Our economies are dependent on inflation to function effectively. Today governments are introducing packages to stimulate inflation. In...

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Fat Finger Error Trading: Biggest Errors In History, How To…

By Louis H-P on March 1, 2021

A fat finger error is the bane of any stockbroker, portfolio manager or hedge fund manager. For a novice retail trader they are a painful shock. Losing money because you have typed in the wrong number or worse bought the wrong share, is not bad investment judgement but an operational...

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Momentum Trading Tutorial: How To Make Money And Avoid Losing…

By Louis H-P on February 22, 2021

Momentum trading is essentially a popularity contest. A stock can increase in value because it delivers consistent growing profits or because everyone believes in 'the story'. Just because everyone is wrong in buying a share does not mean you cannot make money from it. Sometimes following a crowd is a...

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How To Start Investing – Your Kick Start Guide

By Louis H-P on February 21, 2021

How to start investing is simple if you are prepared to do the work. Many jump in too big, too quickly and get burnt. This leads to many quitting which is a shame, as everyone is capable of successfully investing their own money. They can do so if they are...

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How Reddit Day Trading Introduced A New Level Of Risk

By Louis H-P on February 14, 2021

Reddit day trading could be a form of systematic risk. Even a contrarian investor would have been caught off guard by the move in GameStop's  share price. Downside risk is something that every investor expects, but market manipulation is not. The extraordinary events at the start of 2021 have created...

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Why Should I Invest?

By Louis H-P on February 1, 2021

Why should I invest is a question that millennials will do well to consider. In today's consumerism obsessed world, wealth is seen as something to 'collect'. Yet investing is actually about protecting your purchasing power, not necessarily increasing your overall wealth. Let's consider other reasons why you should invest! [keytakeaways]...

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