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The Lazy Trader is one of the largest and fastest growing trading academiesonline today. With a following of over 80,000 private traders, it's little wonder that our accredited trading courses are the some of the most sought after online.

You don't have to take our word for it! Everyone from our online trading community has their own story to tell. Via our state-of-the-art online trading portal, we have successfully trained people from all walks of life. The trading reviews below will show you that our global audience istrading with confidence (or rather, "Lazy Trading" with confidence!).

But you don't even have to take their word for it! Check out our ratings on some of the independently runtrading testimonials websites such as Forex Peace Army, Facebook Reviews and Trustpilot to get a broader picture. All reviews submitted are rigorously vetted for their authenticity so you can be sure they are trading the truth!

From reading about our clients' experiences, you will see that it is no accident that our commitment to excellence and high level client satisfaction have propelled The Lazy Trader into being the ultimate choice for anyone, anywhere wanting to learn how to trade successfully.

Video Testimonials

We've trained people from all walks of life how to trade successfully. But don't just take our word for it! See for yourself what our clients from around the world have to say about their experience on our accredited online trading courses. You can also see how we are doing on Trust Pilot, Forex Peace Army and Google Reviews

John Jost

Fund Trader, Colorado, USA

I was with you (paid member) for a few months in my trading journey, and I wanted to say thank you. It was VERY influential in how my style developed. Also, Rob – I watched every single video that you put on youtube multiple times. For those videos and your teachings, I thank you. I gave you a plug at the bottom of the interview. Many thanks.  (PS – I still watch your videos.)

mark huntley

Mark Huntley

Manager, London, United Kingdom

I have known Rob for a few years now and he is an excellent mentor, approachable, knowledgeable and most importantly honest.

I love the Lazy Trader and the whole package it brings!

The videos on set ups are easy to understand and informative.

My account is up 66% and my trading has improved greatly! I am enjoying it and have a passion for it again. The global view is also amazing, really brings an extra dimension to the Lazy Trader, it is very educational, and again very simple to understand. It is the perfect compliment to THE trader training package.

Rob and the team I am very impressed and am glad to be a member.

Larry Pesavento

Larry Pesavento

Veteran Trader & Author, USA

Although he was already trading professionally and well-known in the industry, a chance encounter with Rob gave me the opportunity to contribute to his on-going development as a trader. I have been a part of Rob’s support network for some time and, during this period, I have been able to impart on to him my 60+ years of  experience trading financial markets. We have had a lot of fun combining our trading ideas and insights, and have applied them to some memorable trading opportunities (..even though we might not agree on everything!). Throughout my time spent with Rob, he has showed a great hunger and willingness to learn, and has a natural amplitude for fast learning. The trade set-ups he brings to my attention are well considered, have excellent profit potential and the augmented style of trading he has crafted over the years is paying dividends. Like many professionals who have mentors, there is no reason why Rob cannot continue in his rapid development. He will go far.

delcho slavov

Delcho Slavov

Media Designer, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Lazy Trader works.
Found the true trader after losing $6000 in six months with six brokers. They all offer training, strategies, analysis, signals, mentoring and you lose.
But with The Lazy Trader you win after a week. That is the difference.

Delcho Slavov


Gina Davis

Gina Davis

Full time Mum, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Hi Rob and Team,

Just wanted to say I am really enjoying being part of Lazy Trader. This trading style suits me really well as I am a very busy stay at home mum of two and I definitely believe in “less is more”.

I have only been a member for a month so it’s still very early days but I have really enjoyed watching all the content several times over and following your trade ideas on the weekly market insider.

Here’s to a profitable last 6 months of 2016. I am currently in 12% drawdown (from before joining your site) so really hoping to be at breakeven by the end of 2016 with the Lazy Trader way of trading.

Thank you
Gina Davis

tommys gonzalez

Tommys Gonzalez

Private Funds Trader, Caracas, Venezuela

I Started trading almost 5 years ago, besides this, I have been joining The Lazy Trader Ltd since last month, and I can say proudly it has helped me a a lot. They give you the proper tools and skill sets to trade profitable and give you the signals you need in the case you are not confident enough to take the trade ideas at your own. In this way you can learn trading from both a theoretical and empirical standpoint. Joining the ultimate program has been one of the best investments of money I have made on education, and I am happy I can suggest this service to anyone, knowing that they are honest and have the best desire to teach their students in the most professional way. If you are thinking on joining the service I encourage you to make the investment, educating yourself is one of the things difference the professionals from the non-professional ones.



silas peters

Silas Peters

Private Trader, Mississippi, USA

Rob and his team have done an excellent job teaching strategies and methods that don’t require hours of face-time in front of the screen.   Their simplistic yet powerful methodology allow for traders of any background to quickly analyze the markets, place the trades, and live your life….way to go

jonathan wiggin

Jonathan Wiggin

CEO, London, UK

I have been a member of the Lazy Trader service for a few months, and have been impressed by the clear explanation of trade setups, and the measured, calm approach to trading advocated by Rob (for he is the Lazy Trader). Each week’s Market Insider webinar is very useful for managing open trades, understanding past setups, and looking at the potential for new entry points moving forward, and I am sure that with patience the service will help me to grow my trading account.

Jonathan Wiggin, CEO, London, UK

Jonathan Filoteo

Jonathan Filoteo

Forex Trader, Cebu City, Philippines

The Lazy Trader.. how lazy can trading be? Rob is the real deal. Taking his Lazy Trader forex course proves that trading can be done in just 10 minutes a day which is contrary to popular belief that you need to be in front of your computer the whole day to earn money from trading.

Whether you’re an employee, a student, a self-employed person or you’re totally new to trading, The Lazy Trader forex strategies will work for you. Rob’s approaches are realistic and easy to understand.He tells you what works and what does not, he’s unbiased which is anyone should look for in a mentor.

I share Rob’s philosophy that less is more. Excellent trading system, superior customer service and a great and honest mentor. It’s worth every cent I paid. I highly recommend The Lazy Trader.

-Jonathan Filoteo

Gavin Kingcome

Gavin Kingcome

Professional Photographer, London, England

The Lazy Trader is in an outstanding resource for aspiring traders, ideally suited for both complete beginners and those who are already up and running with their trading but need or want to improve it. The extensive toolkit you get with Lazy Trader membership ranges from getting started to trading strategies and the broader global views and market analysis. Every form of support you might require to build your skills and confidence has been thought of and is on offer. It is truly a unique service for the aspiring trader. If you are serious about learning to trade The Lazy Trader is a resource that must be investigated.

kylie sayce

Kylie Sayce

Nurse Practitioner, Australia

I have no hesitation in highly recommending The Lazy Trader. I have tried many products in the past over the years and been stung many times. The majority of products on the market simply don’t deliver. Lazy trader is different and [The Lazy Trader] has been more than obliging with his passion to help you get the edge and succeed in the market. If your serious about learning, being mentored  and becoming a successful trader then you need to invest in yourself and sign up for Lazy Trader”.

Florence Lewis-Samuels

Florence Lewis-Samuels

Private Trader, Essex, UK

Having recently enrolled onto Rob’s lazytrader course, I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a forex trader. [The Lazy Trader] offers a simplistic course structure yet rich in content and knowledge about Trading Forex providing the student with all the tools needed to become successful in Trading. I am pleased to be part of the lazytrader school and having [The Lazy trader] as a mentor.

chris east

Chris East

Accountant, Herts, United Kingdom

“…’the Lazy Trader’ is in actual fact anything but.  What he has built and offers, is a lifestyle trading-coach approach to trading/investing built on solid principals and presented this in a web environment that is difficult to beat for approachability, content and education.  Whether you are only just starting out on your trading endeavours, or indeed in need of a succinct refresher, subscribing to this service will only bring positive results; not least in helping to identify trade-set-ups, but also the psychology of trading as well as money management.  If you can couple these last two with standout risk management techniques, then you will succeed.”

Niels De Jonck

Private Trader, Antwerp, Belgium

It is really hands on, you can just learn and watch video’s whenever you want, anytime, any day, anywhere.
It is clear, you get a lot of tips, and you get the motivation to start. And the beginning of everything is JUST START.
If you think you could do it ? You should dot it. Lots of succes.

ron wilson

Ron Wilson

Private Trader, Herts, United Kingdom

I’ve only recently joined ‘The Lazy Trader’ and am very impressed by the quality of the educational material, and the richness of the resources on the web site. The Lazy Trader strikes me as VERY good value for money. On top of the educational material, there are regular and valuable market insights, where potential trades are highlighted – and I’m alerted by email. The “Lazy” part is actually a bit misleading because there is a host of research going on in the back ground which is freely shared. . I certainly like the trading style, as I have no wish to spend hours in front of a screen, but I do want to make a decent income from trading.  I’m looking forward to my Forex journey being both “lazy” and profitable.

Peter Eckl

Model, Hessen, Germany

For me The Lazy Trader is the place I was looking for. It is not only a Signal Provider but it also gives me Support to a variety of aspects when it comes to my trading. It stabilizes and promotes my psychological, mental and analytical skills. Getting the right Information at the right time, helps me not to get lost and sharpens my ability to focus on what’s important. Definitely an asset

dr donald schnell

Dr Donald Schnell

CEO Young for Life, Florida, USA

“The Lazy Trader” is more than a “forex” educator.  The Lazy Trader is a leader in this financial jungle.  Their methods simplify the process so that you can spend more time on earning and less time losing.  The Lazy Trader cares about their students and is somehow always there to answer the endless questions and provide the information that is needed to succeed.”

Georges Mesplou

G. Mesplou

Therapist, Zwolle, Holland

I am very grateful for your low priced membership that gives access to very valuable information. Having a full time job, I need longer term setups.
Ideally, a once a day check for levels or candle patterns.The cool thing about “lazy trader” is that it has it all, just your dashboard says enough. Also great trade ideas, for which I always open a chart for a once or couple a day check max 🙂
Will keep in touch,
Thanks again,

john bell

John Bell

Private Trader, Derbyshire, England

I think the service is absolutely fantastic and I have added 35% to my very small account since membership commenced. Sadly the vast majority of my trading money is in a Binary Options account and I need to work that account, I just wish I had discovered you before opening it…

Very many thanks for the experience.

Lyubka Mihailova

Lyubka Mihailova

Fulltime Mum, Essex, England

Hi my name is Lyubka and I’d like to share a few thoughts about The Lazy Trader. I’ve been with them a few months now and their system is quite laid back and easy to follow. We started off with a few basic strategies and very well defined rules…you follow them, you keep on smiling you bang on the money. Well, it’s definitely worth a try!

Sean Power

Trader, Co Cork, Ireland

I’ve tried pretty much every service and signal provider out there and
this is different. It delivers excellent analysis and clear thought process
and leaves others looking like gamblers.

Would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone. Top class, genuine.

matt cox

Matt Cox

Management Consultant, Basingstoke, England

The lazy trader has been helping me with my trading now for over 6 months, during this time I have been impressed with the quality and quantity of useful trading information, with detailed follow ups on how the trades ran and why we did as we did, all helping with my continued education as a trader.

Clayton Veivers

Clayton Veivers

Trader, Queensland, Australia

The learning materials are excellent.  I have learnt a lot from the practical workbooks and videos and although I have been trading on and off for about 4 years, am still very much in the learning phase of my trading.  Rob has answered all querres in a very timely manner. I have only done a handful of live trades but can see the incredible value in setting up pending orders that meet the Lazy Trader Strategy rules and revisiting a day later and getting on with life..

Thanks heaps… The Lazy Trader Team

omar scotborg the lazy trader testimonial

Omar Schotborg

IT Engineer, The Netherlands

I really like The Lazy Trader because the site is easy to navigate and Rob always keeps me posted with potential setups. I haven’t placed a lot of orders this month but can’t blame the market for not doing what we want. I really like the Market Scope. I`m checking my inbox the whole weekend for it. 😉
I would definitely recommend The Lazy Traders to anyone who is serious about trading the forex market. The value is way more than the price.


nicholas van horen

Nicholas van Horen Carneiro

Project Paralegal, London UK

I’ve been receiving training from The Lazy Trader for over six months now and have found the whole service to be excellent.

The trading signals are strong and well founded, and more often than not result in profit.

Best of all however has been Rob Colville’s personal attention to any questions I have had over the course of my training and trading. As a complete beginner in Forex when I started, he has really helped me come into my own in terms of understanding not just how to implement effective and safe trades, but understanding how to use technical indicators to identify promising trades myself.

I have no hesitation in recommending the service.

Edith Helwegen

Edith Helwegen

Job Coach, The Netherlands

The members area of The Lazy Trader is very well organized. The amount of information about Forex is huge, clear and simple.

When you ask a question to Rob, you get a quick answer.

It’s very nice to get a video every week with the main opportunities for Forex and stocks.

When there is a high possibility to place a trade, you get an email. Also on the progress of this trade.

What I have learned from the Lazytrader is that I do not need to place a trade every day or have to be in a trade every day. Patience and waiting for a good opportunity and price is also important.

Arno Debeu

Arno Deberti

Fuel Servicer Operator, Namibia

I discovered a passion for Forex about 4 years but never really took trading that serious until I really started trading live  about a year ago.

From all the crap and scams out there on the internet world, and after having spent thousands of dollars on useless courses and systems, I started to create and compile together a more long term strategy on my own from bits and pieces I have gathered and learnt from 1 or 2 decent mentorship sites.  However with mixed results on a Live account.  About 4 months ago I came upon  “The Lazy trader site” which got my attention immediately since Rob’s method sounded very interesting and appealing to me, trading only end of day for a couple of minutes, rather than staring for hours at the Pc screen….which I also did in the beginning…..

After perusal of his site and methodology I liked his “Lazy” approach, yet very effective and profitable way of trading the Forex market.  Since the first time I had contacted Rob,  he always replied to me very rapidly with very motivating and inspiring emails……which made me realize that I shouldn’t give up as yet…….as I had played with the thought of hanging up my Forex boots forever…….!

He actually inspired me that much again with his successful trading, that I bought his material.  His course material just proofs to me finally that there is “ONLY” one way of trading, and that is the “Lazy” way…….long term trading with high probability set ups. Stress free trading for only about 15 min’s a day, with the same results as being glued silly in front of pc during NY session like I used to do…….and strangely enough I have become much more profitable since I apply his strategies and mix them together with my own ones.  I know this is the only “right” way for me of trading Forex……I still do operate my own small business during day but can’t wait in the evenings to do my hobby after hours, and still earn a couple of bucks….!

Janto E

Software Developer, Indonesia

I’ve been doing pretty much intraday trading previously with a bunch of indicators and sick of it. Most technical indicators gave late signals. At last I realized that price action is the best of all and I’ve to switch to swing trade. That’s the reason I purchased your course.

For me how you package your Lazy Trader website is phenomenal. The course materials are very clear. I could learn from the pdf and the explanation in video makes the learning more clearer. The great thing is that I could practice by comparing  my analysis of what I’ve learned to the signal that you provide so that it will give me more confidence and clear my doubt. By using daily chart, I’m very happy that I could also concentrate on my software business for the day and trading at night, and also I could have a lot of time analysing chart by chart without worrying of missing trades like in intraday trades.

One thing that I really like from your methodology is how you confirm higher time frame price pattern to lower time frame in a different way. In so many years of learning forex, I never think of that before. Also when you answer my questions, it’s very clear and  really gave a very good insight.

I’ll surely recommend The Lazy trader for beginner and professional trader.

Great work Rob.

Keith Bird

IT Sales Manager, Milton Keynes, England

I have found the members area to be very intuitive and think the workbooks and video’s are really useful in helping me continue my trading journey. The weekly marketscope video’s also provide fantastic market analysis.

Mal Macgown

Private Investor; Chairman TOR International Group, Dubai

…The Lazy Trader is simply outstanding. I have followed Rob for many years and was lucky enough to be mentored and taught by him prior to Lazy Trader. I have made many mistakes of my own and taken some hard knocks in learning to trade and one thing is for sure, it is a continual learning process.  One of the few people with whom I make sure I am connected, is Rob Colville.  Rob’s whole rationale that underpins his style of trading and also the Lazy Trader concept, is absolutely spot on and fully deserves our attention, whether we are novices, seasoned retail and pro traders or former institutional traders coming into the retail sector.  I cannot recommend Lazy Trader, highly enough.

Susan Heycoop

Retired, Glasgow, UK

“Hi Rob
I think your education is excellent and easy to understand.  I understood most of the concepts before I started but it reinforced my knowledge.  I was already looking for Pin Bars and Double tops.  I had been testing inside bars and engulfing bars too.


Chris P

Business Owner, Southampton, UK

This email came in from Chris…he doesn’t mind me sharing it!

Hi Rob

Just thought i would let you know how i was getting on
I started trading your setups with the audnzd and below are my trades so far
audnzd loss £6.70
usdchf loss £107.40
audcad loss £36.30
audusd loss £47.30
audcad loss £119.00
uk100 profit £344
audusd profit so far £168

I came out of the uk100 on the 29/5 at 2.43pm at 6294 i was happy with that could of got more today but a 3.5% profit is ok.

Just put all this down as i can now see exactly were you are coming form when you say it is no good winning the battle if you do not win the war!!

So thanks Rob i had a lot of knowledge but i think i now really get it.

This was just what i needed it is funny you get all this training and then suddenly it all becomes clear and you wonder why you did not see it before

Your web cams are brilliant they really get you thinking and to the point.

So thanks a million Rob and i am with you all the way this is a great way to trade. You’re defiantly the best tutor i had.
Hope all is going well for you.

Best Regards


Lavinia D Osbourne

Director, BWC, London, UK

I have known Rob for about two years now when he first contacted me online and then invited me to a networking event.
What I like about Rob is that he is upbeat, pleasant and positive. He is a very sincere and supportive professional and very knowledgeable about what he does – Trading and online marketing
He is a very calm teacher and when he speaks I feel like I am learning. He is never hesitant to answer any questions and ultimately I work and recommend him because I trust him to do what he says he is going to do and do it in a way that will be beneficial to the client/student.

Neil Murton

Director, DigiResults, London, UK

You must have noticed the endless stream of people offering Forex advice on the internet.  Just stick ‘forex’ into Google and they all pop up in the ad bar.

Hard to tell who’s genuine and who’s just out to scam you, isn’t it?  Because there are a lot of con-men out to get honest people who just want to earn a bit of extra cash.

But Rob is the real deal.

I’ve been following Rob’s tips for just a few weeks, and already my balance has increased by a solid 10%, and if I hadn’t been trading at the lowest possible amount per point it would have been a lot more!

And you can tell he’s real because he admits up-front that sometimes, the trades are going to go bad.  (And how many people have the balls to admit that?)

But because of the way he picks trades, when they go bad they don’t hurt much.  Yeah, I’ve made a couple of trades that didn’t pan out.  But following Rob’s advice, I could make sure they didn’t lose much.  And when they win, they win BIG!

Though there is one point where I’m not going to follow his advice.  Rob’s big on reinvesting, and I get it’s a great idea.  But tonight I’m going to cash out the £100 I made on the last trade and take my girlfriend out to dinner 🙂

Tim Hollingsworth

Businessman, Bells Beach, Australia

I have been trading fx since 2001. Started with an end of day system which I found boring at the time buy now I know better. Boring is great. I hate the screen with a passion so I am happy to have Rob and “The Lazytrader” as part of my support network. Simple price action is the  key to a stress free, happy and profitable fx life. The trades that Rob supplies are a great bonus.Less is more. Less trades and more time to enjoy the day.

Dennis Tam

Financial Advisor, London, UK

Rob is still walking the walk, which is so often lacking in the trading-coaching community. He still trades and he patiently explains the reasons for taking them.

Rob is there to help with taking the early steps of trading, as well as being available to fine tune your trading strategies when you reach a more advanced stage.

I enjoy his weekly commentaries every week!

Chris Smith Forex testimonial

Chris Smith

Freelance Photographer, London, UK

‘Trading the Forex markets is easy money’. That’s what I was let to believe when I first embarked on my journey to learn to trade. I had attended a few courses, read a few books, I opened my trading account ready to take the markets by storm and trade my way to financial freedom. Within six months my account had vanished, the trade history on my broker screen was a sea of red. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be! What had gone wrong? I was supposed to be steadily compounding my capital, growing my funds, building up the cash! Yet my actual experience of trading was more like slowly bleeding to death from a thousand cuts! I read some more books, tried a few more strategies, opened another trading account. This time it would be different, this time I would crack it. It took roughly the same amount to time to blow that account also. Nothing seamed to work, I would take one step forward and several backwards. The statistic that 92% of people loose money trading began to ring in my ears. Maybe this wasn’t such easy money after all. Maybe the dream of successfully trading the markets is a lie perpetrated by unscrupulous salespeople to get you top sign up to expensive courses.

I wasn’t ready to give up, I firmly believed there was a genuine opportunity in the Forex markets if only one knew how to successfully harness it. It was about this time that I became aware of the work of Rob Colville and the Lazy Trader. Finally things started to make sense.

In life you wouldn’t engage in an activity with out first adequate training and preparation. You wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car, you wouldn’t attempt open heart surgery. Learning to trade is no different. Rob offers a clear and focused way of looking at the markets, to filter out the noise of random activity and to look for high probability set ups. His end of day approach fits perfectly with my lifestyle as I’m not yet in a position to give up the day job so I can fit my trading around work. It also means I am not forced to stare at a screen all day waiting to set ups to appear, end of day trading gives you the best return for time spend analysing the market.

The earn while you learn program offered at the Lazy Trader is superb. Trade set ups are emailed to me immediately as they appear, the logic and justification for entry are also included as is the target and stop loss. My account balance has already started to improve as the quality of the trades is excellent. I recently made 4% on a trade that took 10 minutes to enter and just a few days to hit target. At the start of each week a video outlines any potential set ups that may be forming, all this helps to improve my understanding of the market. I only need 1 successful trade per month to cover the cost of the subscription which is extremely good value considering the amount of information that is continuingly supplied through the website.

I really feel that I am finally on the right track with the Lazy trader, my knowledge and understanding of the markets is improving. Rob is a great teacher who really knows his stuff, I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to become consistently profitable in the Forex markets.

andy argent forextradingfloors.co.uk

Andy Argent

CEO, Forex Trading Floors, Essex, UK

“The Lazy Trader is a great educational website and a must for anyone wishing to learn to trade the foreign exchange markets. Its excellent content, trade ideas, and personal mentoring you offer is excellent. I’ve been trading for three years now and without doubt The Lazy Trader has help me become a successful trader…I still enjoy membership to Lazy Trader and your weekly MarketScope video is an excellent feature of the site. My message to anybody wishing to trade the foreign exchange markets will be to subscribe to The Lazy Trader website. Keep up the great work Rob and I look forward to catching up with you when I get back to London.”

Benjie D

Actor, Devon, UK

Rob and team live and breathe this stuff. They are a lot cheaper than their competitors and you can be assured that they work tirelessly to seek out only the best opportunities for capital growth. The program contains a strong educational element and I would recommend it to you if you are at all interested in Forex.