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Meet The Lazy Trader Team

Rob Colville

Robert Colville

Managing Director

The lifestyle trading brand “The Lazy Trader” founder, Rob Colville, has taught thousands of private investors around the globe his set-and-forget trading style, and this has culminated in the creation of this internationally renown brand.

Famed for a simple and honest approach to trading and investing, he has presented and traded live in front of his students in London, Singapore, Johannesburg and Cape Town. A member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA), Rob is renowned for his ability to bring the subject of financial markets trading to life in his humorous and direct style of teaching. Rob regularly writes as a guest author for FX Street, Forex Peace Army and FX Trader Magazine and presents for The London Investment and Traders Talk Live. In his spare time, Rob works as a Business Mentor for The Princes Trust in London where he actively coaches budding entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds on how they can build and develop their own business.

Lazy Trader Team

Julian McCree

Veteran Trader & Money Manager

A highly talented trader and a very clear communicator, we are very proud to have Julian on our team as he presents our flagship webinar, Global View. Julian, a graduate in Business Finance, has been a proprietary trader for over 18 years. He has traded the G7 macro markets including fixed income, foreign exchange, stock indices and commodities. During his career he has spent time working for HSBC, Citibank and Erste Bank. Julian currently splits his time between trading his own money and working at Genesis Energy in Auckland on the Electricity Forward trading desk.

Lazy Trader Team

Kaye Lee

Private Fund Trader and Senior Technical Analyst

As sought after for his view of the market trading as he is his mentoring abilities, Kaye Lee makes a formidable opponent to be trading against in the market. Just as well as we have this highly talented trader on side!

A self proclaimed addict in developing trading systems, Kaye is has developed the Trader Zen Hypnosis Audio Course – the only product of its kind available today – available exclusively to Lazy Traders. Kaye, currently based in south-east Asia, specialises in trading Foreign Exchange, and both trades and consults for a private fund, and is in the process of training an international team of traders.

Cristian Ravalli

Cristian Ravalli

Senior Mentor

Welcome to our Senior Mentor and Forum Moderator, Cristian Ravalli, who is as passionate about ensuring a high quality experience in our global trading community as he is in all things trading (must be that Italian streak within him!).

You can interact with Cristian in our forums on a daily basis as he regularly shares trade ideas, management techniques, exit strategies and the all-important aspects of trader psychology. He brings a considerable wealth of experience to the team and a good war story or two. Remember to be nice to him… and he will be nice to you!

Lazy Trader Team

Marleene Stuart

Senior Technician

Marleene is a forex trader who is living and working in countries all over the world.  In her free time, she is an amateur cocktail-making-enthusiast and so far this year she has made cocktails in South Africa, Croatia, Russia and Cyprus.

Marleene loves travel, reading and photography. Her travel companion is “Huckleberry”… a trusted Olympus PEN camera. She is inclined to take part in Gold Panning Competitions and has two gold medals in the bottom drawer.

Lazy Trader Team

Nick Mango

Head of Editorial

A nous for news and a stickler for detail, our very own Nick Mango leads our online editorial team, which has enjoyed rapid expansion in recent years. With many years of experience working for globally acclaimed titles such as Daily FX and The Money Show, Nick brings his natural flair for the written word to the brand and has proven himself to be invaluable; especially when The Lazy Trader’s trading team are “too lazy” to do it themselves!

Nick is often found writing attention-grabbing headlines followed by compelling copy, thanks to his gifted ability of being able to effortlessly deconstruct and transform dry, mundane and complicated financial jargon into palatable, easy-to-understand masterpieces.

Lazy Trader Team

Jemma Bills

Head of Global Client Services

Do you  need specific product advice, have a problem, a recommendation or seek clarification? If this is you, then it’s likely you will meet meet Jemma  Bills, our head of client services…who will be delighted to help!  Jemma brings a wealth of experience  in client facing roles to the team and has a natural ability to continually exceed expectations, both for clients and her co-workers.

A real “people person,” Jemma understands how essential a happy and thriving client base is for the lifeblood of any successful company and this is reflected in her mantra of always putting the client first with her signature “fair but firm” approach.

Jemma is blessed with the patience of a Saint and possesses the rare ability to multi-task (several times over)…it’s little wonder she’s dubbed as the “Swiss Army Knife” of customer services.



richmond tan - the lazy trader

Richmond Tan

Advanced Mentor

Richmond is our latest recruit and will be your go-to person when you need additional “next steps” help or expert trading consultations.

As a seasoned trader with a decade of trading experience, he knows exactly what it takes for you take your trading to the next level and has helped hundreds of traders in the fine tuning of their trading plans in order for them to be consistently successful.

Besides trading, Richmond loves gardening and loves to give back. He volunteers in schools and libraries to teach students and working adults on gardening. He has helped to set up many community gardens where neighbours can come together and mingle with one another.

Louis Holdings-Parsons

Louis Holdings-Parsons

Editorial Director and JV Manager

After working 9 years in Finance during which he spent time in the Bank of England, UK stockbrokers and a Swiss private bank, Louis has amassed experience of bank operations, risk management and more importantly trading. This has imbued him with different behavioral finance traits: the caution of a central banker, the reticence of risk analyst, the ebullience of a stockbroker and the risk-based approach of a Swiss private banker. His passion for markets as a trader, combined with his experience of seeing different approaches and methods applied has given him a wide understanding of how other market participants interact with markets.

Louis’ troubleshooting skills are now being put to the test at The Lazy Trader, where he is an Editorial Director writing articles for our Learn To Trade page. He also manages project work and develops partnerships with intermediaries who can benefit our members. Anyone keen to work with The Lazy Trader should contact this friendly and approachable trader!

Lisamarie lamb

Lisamarie Lamb

Staff Writer

Lisamarie studied English theory at university, and has always been interested in the mechanics of writing, but it wasn’t until 2010 when he daughter was born that she started to write professionally. Although this was out of necessity (it was a job that could be done from home and brought in enough to pay the bills), it soon became a passion, and since that time, Lisamarie has been published in over 40 fiction anthologies and has written seven novels.

As a freelance writer, most of her work is blogging and writing articles, and this works well with her fiction writing, allowing her to exercise both her research skills and her imagination.

Today she lives with her husband, daughter, and a cat called Cheryl in a cottage in the Kent countryside, writing, painting, and – whenever possible – watching horror films.