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Trading Strategies

The Lazy Trader’s forex trading strategies are the most successful and time efficient styles of trading available to both retail and professional traders today.

Famed for enabling market success from as little as ten minutes’ “work” a day, it’s little wonder that our trading style is a firm favourite for busy people who want to gain the key benefits from trading but without spending all day chained to the desk!

Key benefits of our trading strategies:

Strategies can be traded on all asset classes: Even though the foreign exchange market is our bread and butter, our trading strategies are fully universal and can also be traded on; equities, commodities, bonds and crypto-currencies.

Forex Strategies can be traded on all timeframes: We focus on trading opportunities on the daily and weekly chart for the time/return synergy this creates. However, you can extend this to the lower timeframes, too!

Trading strategies to suit all tastes: We have strategies tailored for all levels of risk appetite. Whether you enjoy riding the wave by trading with the trend, or prefer the added risk and reward potential that trading major reversals offers… we have you covered!

3 Things Traders Must Know to Trade Brexit Momentum

By Rob on April 22, 2016

Trading Post-Brexit Markets

Traders and the financial press are talking about Brexit rumours every day now it seems, and frankly, so are we! As I’ve said before, and as I discussed in detail throughout a lengthy article appearing this past week on select partner sites, I believe that what we now have is...

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An AUD/NZD Trade 20 Years in the Making

By Rob on December 5, 2014

New Trade Ideas: Try New Currency Pairs

With AUD/NZD nearing a key support level that’s stood for over 20 years, those looking at longer-term swing trading could have a great opportunity to buy support at the pair’s all-time low. [keytakeaways] Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Why, sports and movies would be far less exciting without...

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How to Make Money from Staying Out of the Market

By Rob on March 7, 2014

What if someone told you that staying out of the market could actually help make you money? It would probably sound pretty ridiculous, wouldn’t it? After all, to make money from trading, it makes perfect sense to actually trade – especially as you chose trading to make money. Is Staying...

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Trading Pin Bar Reversals – Pin Bar Reversal Strategy

By Rob on December 21, 2013

What if I told you that you could become a profitable trader from trading no more than just one trading strategy? You’d probably feel pretty surprised, right? Some of you may even feel outright offended! But let me let you into as small secret. Trading just one price action based...

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A Great Strategy is Sticking to a Forex Strategy

By Rob on August 26, 2013

Are you one of those people who has tried every Forex strategy under the sun only to continue losing again and again, hand over fist? Face it, we’ve all been there. But what may surprise you is it’s probably not the Forex strategy letting you down – it may simply...

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How to Profit From a Multi Year High: FTSE 100

By Rob on July 12, 2013

Multi year highs are just great. They give us one of the most efficient points to sell any instrument but with maximum profit potential in mind and are a rare treat. Typically, they coincide with key levels of resistance (areas of “supply”) and are a most welcome prospect for any...

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