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New Strategy Release: Trading Power Zones and Levels of Supply & Demand

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We’re very happy with the enthusiastic feedback clients have given us in response to the launch of a new trading course (with strategies), we have made available to all Lazy Traders.

On Thursday, we released: Power Zones: Trading Levels of Supply and Demand to Lazy Trader clients on our flagship trader training program, Ultimate…and it did not cost clients a penny.

In fact, we hope this new course will take Lazy Trading to dizzy new heights, and so far, it’s looking good!

Just like with all of our Lazy Trader trading strategies, this rule-based style of trading can be applied to any timeframe and has the potential to work on any asset class. Yes, it’s fully universal giving you the flexibility to trade a combination of different markets rather than just being confined to trading foreign exchange!

But Trading Power Zones and Levels of Supply & Demand is not just a strategy…it’s a new style of trading. One which epitomises “set-and-forget,” we have ushered it into the current syllabus, where it now stands as one of our core modules.

Here are some of the benefits!

1. We can get into big moves at the very beginning
2. We can benefit from a “free trade” earlier
3. Benefit from key levels the “big dogs” have their orders
4. There are fewer barriers (rules) to entry
5. The reward potential is far greater
6. Style epitomises set-and-forget to its highest degree
7. Does not require the use of indicators
8. Same logic can be applied to all asset classes
9. Can be traded objectively
10. It’s darn simple!

From Thursday, clients were able to view the step-by-step strategy training videos and read the workbooks in the members’ area so that they could also benefit from this alarming simple style of trading…one which has jaw-dropping profit potential.

Check out our forex trader training courses for more information and see how you too can benefit from the latest addition to our comprehensive vault of set-and-forget trading strategies.

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The Lazy Trader is a fund level Forex Trader who trades for no more than ten minutes a day. If you want to learn to trade profitably in his set-and-forget style, have a look at his forex training

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