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KTA / Lazy Trader London Training Day Success

novotel pepys street
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Another great team effort with Jon, Rob and Woo from the Knightsbridge Trading Academy on Saturday! After our trip to Singapore last month, this is the second time we’ve pulled our resources and worked together in our commitment to adding value to people who are serious about becoming better traders.

We held our hands-on training day at the Novotel, Pepys Street, London which was a sell out success and room was completely packed with attendees who all had one thing in common: to become better traders.

Even though it was the hottest day of the year, we were all was impressed with the dedication given to those who attended to their development as a trader and even more impressed with those who stayed for the whole day - despite the obvious temptations of basking in the sun at the neighbouring parks!

The room was full of a variety of trading backgrounds; from novices who didn’t even know what a pip was to quant traders who are developing their own automated trading systems- we had them all.

But, from this one day event...we had nothing but positive feedback and those who did stay were given the opportunity to come aboard the Fund Manager programme and this was an opportunity which was received well...naturally separating those who wanted to trade for a hobby and those who were looking be a "fulltime" professional.

Jon and I training the clients on risk management


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