The Lazy Trader Issues New Warning Against Fraudulent 'The Lazy Trader App'

The Lazy Trader has today issued a stark warning, following confusion regarding the origins of a rogue scam (The Lazy Trader App) which claims to bear the company's seal of approval.

'The Lazy Trader App' is not connected with The Lazy Trader, yet it is caused significant dissatisfaction amongst clients who feel swindled out of their hard-earned cash. The company are now imploring their customers to avoid 'The Lazy Trader App' at all costs, with the team stressing that despite the name, the two are in now way related to one another.

A binary options trading scam which has already had a profoundly negative effect on its users finances, 'The Lazy Trader App' is already sweeping the internet and will be seeking to take advantage of more victims in the coming days and weeks.

"The Lazy Trader App gives ever indication of being a get-rich-quick scheme designed purely to enrich the architects of the scam at the expense of its victims, says The Lazy Trader Ltd . Managing Director, Robert Colville. "A number of victims have contacted our client services department, having erroneously assumed that the app is affiliated with the brand. They are an entirely different entity " one which is causing a huge amount of disruption and dissatisfaction.

The Lazy Trader brand is a trusted, accredited company which has won significant acclaim for helping clients learn the skills they need to trade, providing lifelong financial benefits. By contrast, 'The Lazy Trader App' is a get-rich-quick scheme aimed at promising its victims easy money with no effort. The scheme is unregulated, meaning that those who suffer as a result will be left with few options if they need to get their money back.

In addition, there are suspicions that the app has been using professional actors to paint a false image of financial freedom and affluence after taking part in the promoted 'system', as well as garnering fake reviews and testimonials to encourage more investment.

Victims of 'The Lazy Trader App' are advised to contact their credit card company urgently, and enquire about retrieving their money by making a chargeback claim.

"The similarity of their name to ours is very unfortunate, adds Robert Colville. "Whether purely a coincidence or a deliberate ploy to skim prospective clients by piggybacking our reputation, a large number of people seem to be falling for it.

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