The Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme Launches to Full Capacity

The Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme has officially  been launched by the internationally renowned trader training brand, The Lazy Trader, in a dramatic move which will provide budding traders with a superior level of financial markets education, for free.

The Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme

The decision is rumoured to send shockwaves across the trader training industry. With a market value of $9,997 the accredited Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme, which promises both comprehensive and rigorous training, will be made freely available to those who make the grade.

“Trader training should not cost a fortunate for those who want to receive a high level of education in their quest to become a successful trader, said Robert Colville, Managing Director of The Lazy Trader.

“Many people who want to learn to trade successfully often find they have to spend thousands of dollars on their training with their provider, which often leaves them in penury and with nothing left to actually trade with. This is totally wrong and we wanted to give the whole industry a real shake-down by offering a premium level of training, for free, to anyone who qualifies.

From beginner to professional trader, students at all levels of competence in financial markets trading can expect a complete training where they are sequentially taught the very the very basics of before progressing onto the more advanced levels of the Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme.

Accredited by the CPD Standards Office, The Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme is fully intended to be complete, stimulating and generous in giving students everything they need to realistically make a success of their trading without the usual gimmicks, hype and pipe-dreams.

"Certainly, there is a real gap in the market here and our competitors will definitely hate us for this. he added.

Positions on Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme have already been filled for the next three months (at the time of writing) and are said to be limited to an exceptionally small monthly intake. "This is to ensure we can maintain the highest level of mentoring and standards across the brand, said Robert Colville.

"We do not want a stampede of people pitching up who do not fully appreciate the value of what they will be receiving, he added. "We would far rather take a small quota of high quality students and really ensure they get the most from the Lazy Trader's Trader Apprentice Programme than a torrent of people who simply sign up, download everything and magically disappear.

In return for a position on The Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme, prospects will be required to open and fund a brokerage account with one of The Lazy Trader's "best brokers. All of which are fully regulated, verified and vetted by the company's compliance department.

The Lazy Trader confirmed on Thursday that the requirement of a funded broker account was purely intended to whittle out those who were serious about their training and long-term development as a trader versus those who simply were not.

"Not only did we want to create this extra step, we wanted to create the ultimate "win-win scenario where everyone " clients, broker and we – all benefit said Robert Colville. "The client will receive free and unfettered access to a training programme worth $9,997 while saving themselves a fortune, the broker will receive a new client and the more referrals we make to them, the more bargaining power we have in reducing spreads for our clients which, as I’m sure you appreciate, is of collective benefit.

To date, the Lazy Trader Apprentice Trader Programme has had a three-month waiting list, although capacity is expected to increase in mid 2017.

It has been confirmed that the Lazy Trader's Apprentice Trader Programme is currently available to a worldwide audience, although it is not currently open to residents of the United States of America.