The Lazy Trader Closes Down Copycat Brand in New War Against IP Theft

The Lazy Trader celebrated on Monday in a grand-slam win against a copycat brand who were found to be using The Lazy Trader's trade marked brand name in the provision of similar services online. This was in clear breach of International Copyright laws. The copycat brand was also found to be using the same slogans, selling the same services and deploying the same pricing structure for its services.

copycat brandThe copycat brand which also called itself "The Lazy Trader was the source of a lot of confusion online with people mistaking it for the UK registered, trademarked, accredited brand.

This early victory marks the start of starts the globally renown trader training brand's crusade against Intellectual Property (IP) theft, which has become rampant in recent months.

"This is just the start, announced Managing Director, Robert Colville in statement on Tuesday. "We have many more imposters in our sights and we will do whatever it takes to take them down.

"This will send a powerful message to those whom intentionally or unintentionally infringe upon our intellectual property by using our trade marked brand name or slogans with their offering, said Managing Director, Robert Colville

"The Lazy Trader brand has grown tremendously over the past couple of years so it is imperative for us to protect the brand from those who piggyback our reputation for their own financial gain.

The Lazy Trader were informed of a website who were calling themselves: "The Lazy Trader, using the "XYZ domain extension " the only domain name not directly owned by UK financial education brand.

The Lazy Trader consulted London-based Intellectual Property law firm, JP Mitchell in response to the revelation.

The owner of the copy-cat brand “” agreed to completely disband the website and all associated websites, social media channels and instances where "The Lazy Trader was used within 5 days of receiving the "cease and desist order.

"We are glad that this was amicably resolved without having to take out a court injunction, said Robert Colville. "We would have done this if necessary.

As the time of writing, The Lazy Trader is CPD Accredited and has over 500 active clients, 90,000 Facebook Followers and 1200 YouTube subscribers. It is regularly featured on and contributes to FX Street, The Money Show, London Investment Week, Forex Peace Army and

The Lazy Trader brand currently enjoys a customer satisfaction rating of 4.9 / 5 (Facebook reviews), 5/5 Google Reviews, 4.6/5 Forex Peace Army Reviews and the grading of "Excellent from Trust Pilot.