Flagship Online Trading Community Launch Announced

Trading community participants around the tableThe iconic trader training brand, The Lazy Trader, has announced the launch of its online trading community, complete with a dramatically upgraded members area.

From September 15th, clients will be able to fully immerse themselves in this supportive, moderated environment, at no extra charge.

Accessible from the CPD Accredited members' trading portal, the online trading community will give private traders the ability to meet online,  mingle, discuss trade ideas, ask trading-related questions and debate concepts in a fully contained, moderated environment.

It was announced that the trading community will play host to a variety of different forums for a wide range of different topics and tastes, but all within the scope of The Lazy Trader brand. These will include, but are not limited to, the discussion of trade ideas for foreign exchange, precious metals, equities and commodities, trader psychology, watch list building and an area to relax, mingle and network.

"This is something that many prospective, past and existing clients have requested and now they are getting it, said Robert Colville, Managing Director of The Lazy Trader Ltd. "Our clients are the driving force behind our success, so naturally, we are committed to giving them what they want. This is something we have always done and will continue to do so, he added.

It is believed that The Lazy Trader's trading community will offer superior advantages for anyone looking to specialise in end-of-day trading on the weekly or the daily timeframes.

The Trading Community Competitive Advantage

The trading community will be dedicated to and will specialise in Lazy Trader principles and trading strategies, while actively avoiding topics that are not relevant to those looking to successfully trading in the style of The Lazy Trader.

"Members of our trading community will enjoy a clear advantage as the information will be concise and relevant, and the community will have the shared vision, said Colville.

"The main reason why many other trading communities fail their users is simply down to the fact that they focus on too many things and their users represent a mishmash of different trading styles and strategies, in turn, confuse and dilute their users' experience, he added.

A team of experienced fx professionals will moderate the online trading community and trading forums to ensure that Lazy Traders will receive an enriching, supportive experience. Lead by senior trading mentor, Cristian Ravalli, all members of the trading community will be required to adhere to strict code of conduct.

Rules include, but are not limited to, treating fellow community members with respect and keeping conversations on the topic of the forum the client is using.

"For people to get the most from our trading community, it's very important for conversations to be kept on point and concise or the experience will be diluted, said Cristian Ravalli, Senior Mentor, The Lazy Trader. "This is the downside of many other forums, where conversations are scattered lots of different styles of trading come together and this often confuses the trader even more.

To date, The Lazy Trader has 15,000 subscribers and 400 premium clients.