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Lazy Trader Talks to City AM About Why Silver is a Buy

By Lisamarie Lamb on September 6, 2018

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Lazy Trader in City AMRecently you might have spotted The Lazy Trader in City AM, London’s daily financial newspaper, as we reveal to their editorial team why we feel silver is a buy right now.

The precious white metal has long been on our buy-and-hold bullion watchlist and we thought it was high time to share the many reasons behind why we’re so bullish on silver, long-term!

If you missed the print-run, fret not! you can read the article here: Silver Linings: Should Investors Look Beyond Gold Safe Haven?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with City AM, the daily paper is packed full of useful information on culture, design, architecture, food and drink, travel and motoring, and of course finances, and this is where the Lazy Trader in City AM came about.

City AM has been around for over a decade now, and is often referred to as a bible for city workers who need to know what is happening around them. It’s the go to magazine for those who need to impress clients about the latest developments in the City right now. it’s no wonder that City AM has 399,000 readers every day. With the inclusion of digital readers around the world, that number increases to over one million.

And now those one million readers will have seen the Lazy Trader in City AM. It’s an exciting development, and one that we are proud to be a part of.

So what was our City AM contribution all about?

Lazy Trader in City AM

The main article talked about how gold shouldn’t be the only precious metal for people to look into when considering what to invest in. Our managing director, Rob Colville, was interviewed for the Lazy Trader in City AM spot, and he discussed how silver was a much better option for a variety of reasons.

We hope that the Lazy Trader in City AM is able to help those who might otherwise have struggled to determine where they should put their money at a time when investing correctly is more important than ever.  With so much happening in the world, finding something that can be traded with at least some security is vital.

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