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Lazy Trader Review September 2013

By The Lazy Trader on October 1, 2013

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The last few days for September have marked the end to a second successful quarter for both our clients and our trading floor. Not only is this in the form of profitable trade alerts, but a rapidly growing members’ area and positive client feedback have all contributed to a dramatically increased number of people subscribing.

Check out The Lazy Trader Review in full for this quarter, in this article.

Trading Results

From July – September, clients who followed each and every trade idea we had, both for better and for worse, finish with a 8.07% gain on their capital as a result of trading our forex signals.

The summer months have been traditionally thin in opportunity and trading conditions, challenging. For 2013, it was ever thus, and we can celebrate this as being the continuous evolution of the market. So what did we do in response to that? We had no option but to rigidly stick to our tried and tested forex strategies which have given us contestant profits over the net sum of all traders, year upon year…and it paid off.

Online trader training

trader hypnosisNew features have been added to the members’ area which are here to stay. The highly acclaimed Trader Hypnosis and Mental Programming for Traders audio course was made exclusively available for Lazy Traders thanks to our friends at Straight Talk Trading. This became an overnight success with our growing band of happy clients.

Valued as $300+, we were able to provide this to our clients for free and there is still nothing else like it on the market today. Through using this programme, students are able to dramatically improve their trader psychology at a subconscious level without having to consciously learn, take notes or even listen!

The rapid expansion of our Trade Walkthrough section has given clients yet more scope to apply their expanding knowledge of how to select trades, time and manage them. There are more fully narrated and animated video examples of both winning and losing trades based on our strategies.

Here’s what new recruit, John Steele had to say after month 3:

Up and coming:

So what’s next? Well, just because there’s now over 20 hours worth of online learning modules, forex signals, weekly webinars and mentoring, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop pushing the boundaries in our clients’ favour with increasing the range of services to you. Good grief, no! Here’s what’s planned over the next quarter:

Lazy Trader on Demand

Available to download onto your portable audio device at anytime to listen to anywhere, this brand new course on trader psychology is dedicated to fast tracking your learning as you’re on the move so that you can transform your prospects in the market by simply pressing the play button…and listening. So, whether you’re in the car picking the kids up from school, out grocery shopping or even walking the dog you can take your learning with you without being chained to that desk! Remember that your trader psychology will contribute 90% to your long-term success in financial markets trading so the more accessible it is to you, the better it will be for your trading.

That’s it – until our next Lazy Trader Review. But for now, it’s worth bearing in mind that all of this can be yours! Become a part of this rapidly expanding movement by coming aboard our Ultimate forex training course. Backed by a 100% money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose!

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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