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Ryan Black: What Dating Can Teach You About Trading

By Rob on February 19, 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you want to discover what it takes to be successful with attracting and dating women as well as learn what it takes to become a better trader, stay tuned! In this interview with relationship expert Ryan Black and The Lazy Trader, you will see just how getting good with one life skill can also dramatically accelerate your successes in other areas of your life…without you even knowing it! So, what can trading teach you about pick-up-art, and what pick-up-art can teach you about trading.

Relationship expert Ryan Black, who is a new client of The Lazy Trader (and seems to be doing rather well in his trading!),  equates dating and trading as being very similar indeed. 


  • The most important thing to do in both dating and trading is to remove the ego – it holds you back.
  • How removing emotions from both trading and dating will make you more successful.
  • Don’t expect to become rich or a Lothario overnight; it takes time and patience.
  • Understanding that from the start will help you.
  • How to cut your losses early and let your winners run
  • Enjoy the process with no expectations and it will become easier.

Key Lessons

There are many similarities in trading and being successful with women. One of the biggest things to work on is being able to remove the ego out of the equation. The ego is very concerned with what other people think of us – and it holds us back from taking the right action. If you can remove emotions and treat the situation like an experiment or fun experience, and keep doing it, then you’ll become successful. This is the same whether it’s meeting women or trading well. Basically, never give up!

Ryan Black in action

Another problem is expecting to become rich overnight. There are many companies and people who are promising massive gains through the click of a button, like a magic wand or spell. It’s not real. It gives completely unrealistic expectations. You can’t take things out of the equation if they are part of it; you can’t skip steps, you can’t remove the risk of losing or being rejected. You have to accept it, and move through it.

Dating (and trading) is more about enjoying the process, regardless of whether you win or lose (or, with women, whether you get a date, or are rejected). Fall in love with the process, and don’t tie your happiness to any particular outcome. A loss or a rejection is an opportunity to learn, not something that should affect you negatively for a long time,  and certainly not something to put you off trading – or dating – in the future.

If you’re afraid to say something, trying to conform, toning yourself down, presenting what you think is an acceptable version of yourself, that’s not a winning strategy. It just reduces the possibility of losing quickly, and stops people from knowing the real you. Don’t modify who you are just to suit what you think other people want. It’s inauthentic, and women pick up on that. You want clear signals about how to proceed. And it’s the same with trading. You need quick feedback so that you know what to do. You don’t want to hang around and wait and hope. This is as bad as placing a trade and pinning all of your hopes on the outcome. You need to know for sure. Finding out a long time into a relationship or trade that you’re not going to win out is difficult; you’ve invested time and money in it. It’s best to know from the outset whether there is potential for success.

Once you are told something, even though it could be completely wrong, that’s the belief that you will hold until you can prove to yourself that it’s not right. You’ll miss opportunities if you keep believing what you’ve been told despite knowing better. Changing your limiting, negative beliefs can make you truly successful. This is where the ego needs to step back so that your beliefs can be updated.

Ryan Black 2setBeing direct is powerfulseeing what you want and going for it is how to win in both dating and trading. You can realise that you have to step away after a shorter amount of time this way, but that’s better than wasting your time, and money, by hanging on because you’re afraid to ask the proper questions that might lead to rejection or loss. It’s ego again. You can focus your time and energy in the places where it is needed, rather than spending time in a losing battle. It’s good to get an answer early on

Also it’s important not to overspend on the first date – or the first trade! When you do that, you think you’re showing your date the most important qualities; you want them to have the most you can give them. But that’s not what she may feel, though. On the first date, this is coming out of the blue, wondering why the man is doing all this stuff for her. It just shows that you don’t know what you’re doing, and it sets a precedent. In trading, it means you might run out of cash early on, and not be able to enjoy a longer process. The idea is that you should cut your losses and let your winners run rather than self-sabotaging and cutting them too early! This is the case with both successful dating outcomes and profitable trades!

Websites to check out include Sasha PUA (www.sashapua.com), which has a detailed 4-part video series about how to be successful in dating.

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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