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Trader Interviews

Welcome to The Lazy Trader’s Trader Interviews, which plays host to numerous interviews featuring professional traders who all have something unique and compelling to offer.

Regardless of whether you are a loss making rookie or a seasoned pro trader, our elite lineup of industry insiders will give you the opportunity to tap into some of the most marvelous minds on the planet.

But we don’t just interview anyone! Most of the people you will hear from have been vetted for their authenticity are simply the best at what they do. We speak to day traders, crypto-currency experts, brokers, financial analysts and veteran investors… and many more. You will discover what makes them tick and you will see how you can follow in their footsteps. They share details about their lives, their highs and lows, their biggest trading mistakes, powerful learning experiences, and how they got to financial markets stardom.

We feel that the lessons you will learn are timeless and invaluable to your training and development as a professional trader. To be top of your game and stay there, it makes sense to surround yourself with as many people who are at the to of their game as possible.

Glen Goodman: The Crypto Trader

By Lisamarie Lamb on May 27, 2020

Glen Goodman

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glen Goodman is the author of The Crypto Trader, and, as you might expect, he is an expert in cryptocurrency and what it means to the world at large, and individuals who might be interested in using is and investing in it. Once a business...

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Valerie Alexander: Happiness As A Second Language

By Lisamarie Lamb on August 2, 2019

Valerie Alexander

Reading Time: 5 minutes Valerie Alexander is an American author, speaker, screenwriter and director. She is also a writer for The Huffington Post. Her books include, Happiness as a Second Language: A Guidebook to Achieving Lasting, Permanent Happiness and Success as a...

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John Jost: How To Become A Hedge Fund Trader

By Lisamarie Lamb on June 24, 2019

how to become a hedge fund trader

Reading Time: 5 minutes From rookie to fund manager, we are joined today by John Jost from Colorado who, like many people, started their trading journey not knowing what they didn’t know! In John’s case, he has gone onto trading bigger money as a hedge fund trader. In...

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Dana Samuelson: Why Precious Metals Are Still Important

By Lisamarie Lamb on May 12, 2019

Dana Samuelson

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since the 1980s, Dana Samuelson has seen over $1bn dollars’ worth of gold transactions and founded the world-renowned American Gold Exchange Incorporated. When it comes to precious metals, Dana Samuelson is the man who knows them best. Takeaways...

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Tim Racette: Lifestyle Entrepreneur

By Lisamarie Lamb on April 11, 2019

Tim Racette

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tim Racette trades the eMini, the SMP, the Euro futures and stocks, and also calls himself a lifestyle entrepreneur – that sounds like the ideal mix of business and pleasure. The Lazy Trader spoke to Tim to see what it is he does that makes his...

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Andrew Mitchem: The Leisurely Approach

By Lisamarie Lamb on March 4, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes Andrew Mitchem who has been dubbed as The Forex Trading Coach has been trading since 2004. Now Andrew, like The Lazy Trader, very much believes in lifestyle trading… but unlike us, actually trades on the lower timeframes. Andrew has a big presence...

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David Dierking: The DIY Strategist

By Lisamarie Lamb on January 16, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes David Dierking has been in the investment services industry since the mid-1990s, and is a prolific writer – his personal favourite subject is investment strategies, and specifically those using ETFs and mutual funds. A regular contributor to...

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The Lazy Trader Interview: Rob Colville

By Lisamarie Lamb on November 9, 2018

Rob Colville - the lazy trader

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Lazy Trader interview has been turned on its head, and it is now Rob Colville who is being interview by Chris Smith. Rob explains why he created The Lazy Trader, what it all really means, and why being lazy isn’t a bad thing when it comes to...

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Lazy Trader Client Results: Mark Huntley

By Lisamarie Lamb on November 1, 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lazy Trader client results for Mark Huntley have been magnificent, netting him 66 percent on his account. He lets us in on his (not so) secret methods for success, and why he feels that he can simply ‘set and forget’ any trades he makes. ...

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