How to get Capital for a Business – Top ways to build capital

To start a business you need an investment of money. Not everyone can find capital for a business. Self-funding is the financing of a business using only the company's financial resources (generated profit), without external financing. The owner of an existing business takes funds from the profits or savings, which means that only the company's internal resources are used.

Table of Contents

  • Why self funding is attractive for some

  • The key points to consider

  • Why you should never lie

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Why you need capital for a business

Many, when starting a business seek to protect themselves from the risk of external debt, exchange rate fluctuations, and other factors of instability. Such people do not use investors and do not take loans. However, such a choice does not allow for the circulation of funds. The businessman has no additional funds and often takes time to raise the necessary amount of money.

Before engaging in investment programs, it is necessary to make a business plan and calculate the amount of investment needed and the payback period. Having a plan helps with negotiations with investors, it clearly shows the prospects of starting a business.

How to get capital for a business

Hartmann Holdings investors is a private family owned investment holding company mainly active in venture capital, e-commerce, market places, retail real estate, and the entertainment industry.

Together with a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Hartmann Holdings seeks international value-creation opportunities. An application to a venture capital fund is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get material support. So if you're wondering where to find a small business investor, look no further than one of these institutions.

Not everyone gets support from venture capital funds. Not every applicant is eligible for support. There are steps to take for an initial selection. An application and a sound business plan must be properly drafted, and a package of documents must be assembled.

You can get start-up capital for business development from several investors. Some people are willing to invest in promising startups. A condition of financing can be not only the payment of interest but also the allocation of a share in the firm. When agreeing to the transfer of a share, it is worth consulting a lawyer in order not to lose the business in the future.

What is your plan?

Capital for a business can be hard to come buy

Finding an investor willing to allocate large capital on favorable terms is difficult. Getting investors interested is even more difficult. To obtain funding, you need to prepare a presentation of the startup, showing the strengths of the idea. The investor must be sure that the product will be interesting to potential clients.

First of all, you need to decide which way the company will develop: a dividend or venture capital. This determines which type of investor is right for your business.

For a venture capital investor, the main goal is to exit the project in time by selling a stake to the next venture or strategic investor. Or get out at the IPO stage of the company. This type of investor is interested in increasing the volume of his investment by a factor of two or three, or better, ten. 

The dividend investor, on the other hand, is focused on bringing the business as quickly as possible to positive financial indicators (margin, profitability) and building a company that will steadily generate EBITDA and cash flow. 

Other solutions

If you are just starting a business, consider crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms can be compared to volunteer projects. Here, starting a business is about donating to grow your own business from ordinary people who are willing to support interesting ideas.

If you do not know how to find investment for a business ? try registering on one of the crowdfunding platforms. To get financial help, you will need to place a presentation of your project on the platform. Users who like it will be able to transfer money to promote it.

How to find a venture capital investor

The search for investors should be treated as a separate project with clearly defined goals and a deadline. It is not easy to find an investor also because, at the initial stage, startups cannot show any actual results. All they have is an idea. It may be incomprehensible to investors. Not every investor is prepared to buy an unknown project and take a big risk

The U.S. has long been a Mecca for technological entrepreneurship. The American economy in this area is 25% of the world. There are more than 1000 venture capital funds in the USA, and most of them are concentrated around San Francisco. A venture capital fund is a temporary organization created by the management team for eight to ten years.

Hot Niche

Valley investors focus on "hot" start a business. For example, it could be an on-demand economy or a sharing economy startup. In contrast, investors in the Valley are not interested in e-commerce projects. This is already a proven market with clear figures, where there are many competitors.

To attract investors and venture capital, you need to get a feel for a startup or niche that will be trending in California. 

Star team

You need to have in your team people with a business education, a technical background, and employees from a technological university. Preferably, they should all have PhDs. The more of these people on the team, the better. Even a consultation from the above-mentioned people is already a plus.

Full commitment

Investors expect full participation from the start of a business in the Valley: 20 hours a day, 7 days a week ? temporary employment is not even discussed. Otherwise, you can immediately lower the score to 2-3 points out of 20.

Funding strategy

The expectation is that you will know how much money and what you will need in the next couple of years. Longer-term predictions are inappropriate because the company changes strategies, and the market and conditions change. But you need to know when you will run out of money and need new money.

Break-even point

The moment when a company's revenues have converged with expenses at 0. Investors want you to break even as early as possible. You can speed up the process by reducing the company's expenses and your expenses in particular.

If you're not making a profit yet and aren't selling anything, but are only signing up clients and will be making money in a year, then your score is 0. The money, first of all, will go to those startup founders who will already have a certain amount of sales.

You have to do everything on time. The relevance and high degree of attractiveness of your project at this time for investors are the most important. Factors that may affect this: the presence of others , marketplace coverage in the press, and timeline ? a clearly stated time of release.

It is not recommended to lie to some investors about the presence of other investors. Investors providing venture capital for a business are few. They all know each other.

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