Forex Trading VS Spread Betting – Are They the Same?

Spread betting in Forex involves speculation on the price changes of specific currency pairs. The bet depends on your forecast - whether the price of the selected team will rise or fall. If the market moves in your favor, you will make a profit; if the market moves in your turn, you will incur losses.

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Spread betting in Forex involves speculation on the price changes of specific currency pairs. The bet depends on your forecast - whether the price of the selected team will rise or fall. If the market moves in your favor, you will make a profit; if the market moves in your turn, you will incur losses.

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More About Spread Betting in Forex

Spread betting in Forex is one of the most common trading methods. It is as popular as CFD trading. Both novice traders and professionals resort to rates. 

It is worth remembering that certain risks accompany such bets and it can almost be compared to gambling at a degree. However, events affect the price of currencies and those that know how the currencies react after various events can more skillfully choose the correct bet. 

Although, if you're just looking for some fun, you're better of in an online casino; check here and try your luck outside of forex. 

You will find hundreds of different currency pairs depending on the chosen trading platform. The most common pairs are EUR/USD and USD/JPY. But sometimes, there are pretty exotic intersections.

Spread Betting VS Forex Trading

Spread betting is a method that allows traders to access the financial markets to further profit from price movements. Forex Trading is simply an involved market where Spread Betting is done.

Forex Trading will allow you to buy and sell currency pairs at the current market price. Spread Betting helps to earn money if the further price movement of a particular currency pair is correctly predicted. In this case, you do not need to take ownership and purchase currency.

These two directions also have a difference in the commission charged. When buying a currency on Forex Trading, you must pay income tax as you take ownership. When receiving income from Spread Betting, the trader does not produce any taxes and fees, and no commission is charged when placing bets.

Spread Betting Strategies

Currently, there are a vast number of strategies that can be used with Spread Betting. Some will be effective in trading in the short term, while others only work for a long time. The most common methods include trend tracking, forex hedging, etc.

Spread Betting Tips

We have put together a few tips to help you reduce the risk of losing money when spread betting. It is about the following points:

  • Carefully study the direction of Spread Betting: The Internet will significantly simplify this task - now, on the network, you can find numerous tips and guides from professional traders regarding this betting format. When carefully studying this direction, you will know how to use the trading method in various markets.
  • Learn about Forex: Forex trading is also not stable: Before you start betting, refresh all your knowledge regarding this area.
  • Make a trading plan: So, you can understand when to enter the Forex market and when to exit it. Having a plan helps with being organized, so you can take consistent action. Moreover, you will make fewer rash decisions thanks to reducing the influence of emotions.
  • Write down risk management precautions: This item must include the maximum amount of capital that you can lose on bets without loss. It is essential not to go beyond it and not send a significant amount to the auction. 

How to Start Betting on Forex

It is important to remember that Spread Betting is a precarious business. You could increase your capital if the predictions make start to come true. At the same time, the exchange rate is quite unstable.

These fluctuations constantly occur, which may or may not depend on external factors. It is simply impossible to consider all the nuances in this area.

If you still decide to test yourself in Spread Betting, follow the instructions below:

  • Learn to bet: It is essential to study the advice and existing strategies and, if necessary, take the help of experts in this direction.
  • Find out how Spread Betting works in Forex: On some portals, you can find examples of already closed deals that you can use for analysis.
  • Create an account: The main advantage of Forex is the ability to open a demo account. With it, you can explore all the site's features without risking real money. Open a real account only when you are entirely sure of your actions.
  • Download dedicated mobile apps: Some programs will notify you of price changes and send other trade notifications. This will help you in the initial stages.


Spread betting can be compared to gambling in many ways. Here you should not count on a predictable result. The direction of movement of price charts can change at any time. Before you start Spread Betting, evaluate all the existing risks for your money.

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