Who Is “The Lazy Trader?”

It's been my observation that for every successful trader who credits an algorithm or some automated system for their success, there are (at least) five traders who credit an actual person for theirs. And I'm no different, in fact.

You see, I'm both proud and fortunate to credit my own mentors, including Larry Pesavento and others, for teaching and inspiring me throughout my early trading endeavours. But here's the point, and what all this means to you, the aspiring trader: When you select a mentor or trading coach, you give that person your trust, not to mention your hard-earned dollars, so more than just investing in yourself and your trading, you're investing in that person, too.

That's why, if you've come this far, and are in any way considering joining the Lazy Trader movement, you deserve to know the person behind it as well. So with that, I'm Rob Colville, aka "The Lazy Trader," and before we get to work crafting your own trading success story, I'd like for you to know mine…       

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I Was a Struggling Trader Once, too

Who Is The Lazy Trader?While I may be a professional trader and educator now, I was—and still am, in fact—just an ordinary fellow. I'm not some prodigy or super genius; I'm not a forex "guru," or even an avid market technician or investor. Actually, I was a journalist by trade, and the only way I'm any different from any of you is that I have several more years of trading experience under my belt…about a dozen, to be exact. But take it from me, not all of them were good years! I struggled mightily early on, just as I suspect some of you may be right now. I was misguided, undisciplined, and unsure of what I was doing. A trading account of mine was also blown up!

But what was even worse is that I wasn't really enjoying the trading experience. You see, I was spending countless hours each day pouring over charts, exploring trades across practically every market and time frame, and diving in and out of the market intraday. It was so time-consuming and hectic that it felt like a high-pressure, high-stress job…and one that didn't pay very well, either.

How I Became a Successful Trader

Who Is The Lazy Trader?Clearly, getting started on a path to profitable trading isn't as easy as some might lead you to believe. But I don't share the story of my own struggles to scare you; I just want you to know that I understand what you might be going through, because I was a struggling trader once, too. Everything changed for me, though, when I decided to adopt what would later become the Lazy Trader methodology. Look, I knew I was done with the pressure and fast pace of intraday trading, and that what I really needed was to find a practical trading strategy that would fit my personality profile, enable me to profit more by trading less, and have more fun and less stress along the way. And that's why I chose longer-term trading to begin with. It's also why I decided to start isolating only simple, repeatable price patterns across a few, select markets and currency pairs.

I didn't know it at the time, but that was how I became "The Lazy Trader," and although it took three years to continually refine and "perfect" the methodology, I was finally on my proper path as a trader. And now, I want to help you get there, too.

Why I Don't Keep the Lazy Trader Method a Secret

Who Is The Lazy Trader?People ask me all the time, "If the Lazy Trader method really works so well, how come you don't just keep it all to yourself?" I guess I could've, but I know how much it meant to me to overcome my own early struggles and find my way in trading. That changed my life, really, and it's still very satisfying for me to help fellow traders change theirs, so that's why I teach the strategy, rather than simply keeping it all for myself. Besides, the tactics that make up the fabric of the Lazy Trader method—like high-probability trend trading, pin bar reversals, end-of-day trading, and pure, price-action-based technical analysis—are hardly "top secret" themselves. These have been around for decades (centuries, even), and are likely to still be used by traders and investors long after all of our trading days are over. And since this is all time-tested and well-travelled stuff, it's really no secret at all, so I figure, why try and hide it?

And Most of All, Why You Can Trust Me with Your Trading

Who Is The Lazy Trader?As I wrote earlier, your trust is a serious investment, and one you shouldn't bestow upon just anyone, especially in this industry. Let's face it, forex has gotten cleaned up rather nicely in recent years, but there are still crooks and forex scams out there. Going the way of the Lazy Trader is absolutely, positively not one of them, though, and here's how you can be 100% sure of it:

CPD Accreditation

Our program and coursework meets the rigorous standards required to earn full Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation, so you know it's reliable, safe, and entirely legitimate, not some "fly-by-night" forex fad

Society of Technical Analysts (STA) Qualification

Myself and our entire teaching staff have earned and been awarded MSTA qualifications from the Society of Technical Analysts (STA), so students can be sure they are receiving the highest level of technical instruction direct from knowledgeable and qualified market technicians

Free, 7-Day Trial Period

Here's something else you won't find everywhere: A free week's worth of access, so you can "try before you buy" our program. Once you see the value for yourself, though, we're confident you'll want to hang in there with us, but with no money up front and nothing to lose, it's never been easier to make an informed choice about your own trading education

Backed by a Personal Guarantee

In addition to free, trial access and our iron-clad, 100%  money-back guarantee, the Lazy Trader program is backed by a real person: me. This company bears my name, and it's my own reputation that's on the line, so if you have a question, encounter a problem, or just want to offer some ideas or feedback of your own, you can always reach me. Go ahead and try it…you'll see!

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