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The Unique Edge Only the Lifestyle Trader Can Have

By The Lazy Trader on March 7, 2018

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It seems only natural that traders and even industry outsiders admire those high-profile, hedge fund and institutional traders, who can have millions of dollars (or more) on the line with just the swoop of a finger.

And likewise, who doesn’t think about what days would be like as a grizzled floor trader, each day battling against the competition amidst the chaos of the trading pits at a major exchange?

Believe me, I get it; the mere idea of trading big money in the fast-paced world of intraday trading is indeed rather “sexy.” But here’s an honest truth about trading: The lifestyle trader has a distinct advantage over each and every one of those high-profile traders, and I’ll show you precisely what it is right now…

What Really Sets the Lifestyle Trader Apart

What Really Sets the Lifestyle Trader Apart?It’s simple, really. The lifestyle trader enjoys more freedom and flexibility, and far less stress than their intraday trading counterparts, all without sacrificing profitability. So despite the allure and grandeur that may come with trading intraday, the personal and family benefits enjoyed exclusively by the lifestyle trader set lifestyle trading apart from any other trading style.

Here’s what makes the lifestyle trader “tick:”

  • End of day (and end-of-week) trading: Intraday traders may have only a matter of seconds to plan and execute trade ideas on the fly, and amidst the open market’s volatility. The lifestyle trader, on the other hand, remains calm and calculating at all times, instead executing rule-based trades at end of day—or even end of week—when price action is quiet and accommodating, and those dreaded whipsaws are much less likely. But safer and simpler trade execution is just one of the hallmarks of the lifestyle trader
  • Trading higher time frames: Trading on higher time frames like the daily and weekly charts helps “smooth out” the effects of short-term volatility, enabling the lifestyle trader to readily capitalize on the same high-probability, trend-based set-ups that appear more briefly on intraday time frames. By their very nature, higher time frames exhibit clearer trends and (often) more prominent support and resistance levels, both of which support the ongoing efforts of the lifestyle trader.
  • Defined markets and trade signals: Intraday traders tend to be infamous for jumping from one market to another in some sort of frantic search for one or more patterns and/or trade signals, any of which would require swift and decisive action the instant they occur. The lifestyle trader, on the other hand, is considerably less reactive, and instead goes into each trade session much more certain about the set-ups and technical price action they’re looking for from the market(s) in question. As a result, the lifestyle trader will often trade fewer markets and only look for distinctive trade signals—only one or a couple—that work best for them.

The Honest Truth about Intraday vs. Lifestyle Trading

The Lifestyle Trader RevolutionIt’s a popular misconception that intraday trading is somehow more rewarding or profitable than other trading types. So, too, is the idea that making money trading the markets requires a significant time commitment each day. The truth, however, is that you don’t have to always be “in the market” or even trade every day to trade well and profitably. In fact, the intraday trading model is only one option available to traders, and because of the complexity, fast pace, and high-stress nature of intraday trading, I pose the following question to new and aspiring traders:

If there were an easier way to trade the markets, one that required less time and energy, a smaller time commitment, and that wouldn’t sacrifice performance results, why wouldn’t you opt for that instead?

Indeed, when implemented correctly and conservatively, the lifestyle trader enjoys benefits they simply won’t find with intraday and other trading styles. That includes:

  • Clearer and less-time-sensitive trade signals
  • Less time spent pouring over charts and watching trades in progress
  • More time for work, family, and leisure
  • Consistent performance results that equal or even outpace intraday and other trading
  • More fun, less stress, and a simpler and more sustainable trading experience

I’ll be the first to tell you that trading can be a life-changing endeavour. The key to success, though, is to get on a profitable and sustainable path as early in your career as possible. So don’t waste precious months or even years toiling away amidst the pressures and demands of intraday trading! Instead, go the way of the lifestyle trader, and discover the fulfilment, flexibility, and fun and that comes with trading the markets efficiently and in only a fraction of the time.

Here are some additional tools and resources to get you started in lifestyle trading:

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated to bringing simplicity to finance while presenting powerful, viable and tested wealth creation strategies to make the world a happier, wealthier place..


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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated to bringing simplicity to finance while presenting powerful, viable and tested wealth creation strategies to make the world a happier, wealthier place..

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