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Day Trading Ruined My Life – Does Easy Forex Trading Exist?

By Rob on October 14, 2013

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Are you someone who’s dared to dream of making stacks of cash from easy forex trading only to find your hopes and dreams shattered, and your trading account bludgeoned to death?  Day trading destroyed my life. It’s also systematically shattered the lives of many people who I’ve helped since I made it to a becoming a profitable fund level trader.

I have also taught thousands of people around the world how to become profitable traders.

We’ve all been there. Don’t listen to anyone who says they haven’t because they’re probably lying. Let’s get real. If you’re currently trading, the odds are that it probably isn’t as easy as you though it would be.

Ever found yourself chained to your desk trading what was sold to you as a “hugely profitable magic-bullet” strategy which actually causes you to lose you money, trade after trade?  Then, to your horror you then realise that you could have made more money from just turning up to work one hour of your day job?  It’s the sum of all worst nightmares. You pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming…except it’s real and it’s happening to you.

banknotes and laptopIt’s a far cry from easy forex trading and the untold wealth you were probably told you could make before you bought into the dream. It’s an even further cry away from the white, windswept sandy beaches, Ferrari parked out front and the thick wads of crisp dollar notes being ejected from your CD drive like the sales pitch promised. Well, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 92% of people who trade ultimately fail and give up…but not before completely obliterating their trading account. I was no exception to the rule. Today I’ve mentored thousands of people worldwide easy forex trading in style of The Lazy Trader. I’m also a fund level trader. But back in those days when I was trying to learn this craft, it was an entirely different story… and I’ll shout this from the rooftops.

Easy Forex Trading Didn’t Exist!

I found it impossible to make a profit trading. I was thought that the market would be a walkover. Instead, it turned out to be my number one enemy and you can be sure of one thing…it was that I made every schoolboy error in the book a dozen times over. I remember it clearly: getting up at 6am for the European open to trade my so-called intra-day strategy only to find that I was to lose more money than I would make from my day job which I would go to after.

Imagine going to work knowing that your entire day spent working the day job would be spent making back the intra-day losses made in the morning. In my case, I sustained multiple losses before the majority of people have even risen from bed. Yes, that sucked!

The emotional attachment to the outcome of my trades, the ego at stake from losing and the pressure to justify the investment in my education to this point was unbearable.  It affected my mood towards others around me and my confidence in myself. The extreme, euphoric highs of winning (on the odd occasion) and the crippling lows of losing took their toll. I’m sure people thought I was bi-polar! Yes, I was one moody asshole…but looking back, people were very nice about it!

before easy forex tradingWas it easy forex trading? It was anything but. I was told that anyone could do it and you would be an idiot not to sign up to the training programme. So I did. In fact, I was well and truly sold. But I was also very enthusiastic and greedy. Looking back, it should have triggered alarm bells. Instead, it lead me to trade as if there was no tomorrow. Over-trading was a daily routine. Trade after trade after trade was placed. I was like a bull in a china shop. Never mind about an account dying slowing from a thousand paper cuts – I was smashing my account up with an axe! I placed trades out of boredom, anger and revenge with losses followed by more losses…and just for good measure, the third and final hit for the session. Some people have referred to the marked as an “ass”. I saw the market as an untameable cash-grapping, psychopathic, drifter with no rhyme or reason. It certainly didn’t give me a living. Far from it. It took my cake before I could even think about eating it.

Underestimating the Markets

What was sold to me as an easy and abundant way to “fire your boss and become financially free” turned out to ruin my life… Or would it soon turn out to be part of a very steep and emotionally charged learning curve?

My then-girlfriend thought I had lost interest in her and everything else. She was partly right. After all, she saw me spending more of my time watching the moving bars on the chart with both fingers and toes crossed hoping the market would go the other way.  Of course it didn’t. Why should it?

Then, one day, she casually said something that caused the biggest paradigm shift in my trading: “I don’t know why you spend so much time watching these moving bars on the chart when they clearly don’t make you happy”.

That was it! What was just intended as a throwaway comment actually sowed the seeds for a quick and dramatic turnaround to profitable easy forex trading. In fact, it completely reversed my fortunes by transforming what was a gut wrenching, time consuming, loss making addiction into a carefree and relaxing hobby.

Turning thing things around

opportunitynextturnIt wasn’t until taking a break from the charts did I manage to actually get some clarity back to my clouded mind. Why was I trading? To make money… Did I really enjoy it? Hell, no!! I knew my “why” clearly – I wanted to learn to trade profitably so that I could make money…and lots of it. But the irony was that I actually didn’t enjoy doing it. It was dry and the process was stressful! Does this sound familar too you? But I didn’t want to throw in the towel and move onto the next best thing. I was in deep and giving up would mean quitting! I still held the belief that if mastered properly, I could still profit nicely from it. People knew, so why shouldn’t I?

I knew that it was likely that I would have to endure a few more losses before mastery so, for that reason alone, I thought it made sense to move to the high timeframe where they would be lower in frequency.

Having tweaked my Forex strategies, I then moved over to trade the daily and weekly timeframes I was able to quickly discover the many benefits to set-and-forget trading. Unlike before, I was able to set my orders up with my broker and simply forget about them. I also enjoyed the high reward to reward to risk opportunities that would present themselves and the big swings in the market I could profit from. From my article:  “Why Anyone Should Trade End of Day,” you may quickly ask yourself why you aren’t already trading on this timeframe!

The best part though was simply trading these timeframes meant a trading style with low maintenance but with the benefit of high reward. For someone who wanted to make money from trading but without intellectualising about the market, this forex trading style was a win-win.

Trading end-of-day gave the following benefits:

  1. Makes trading far less stressful and emotional
  2. Gives trades with far higher reward potential
  3. Always able to be in opportunity flow for minimal time
  4. Smashes the time = money link

end of day trader lifestyle benefitsThanks to end-of-day trading, a style of easy forex trading emerged which took me no longer than ten minutes a day. In fact, you could call it “lifestyle trading,” which gave me everything intra-day trading didn’t, including getting my life back. From trading in this easy forex trading style I was quickly able to become consistently profitable. However, I had a new problem: I had to find other things to replace the time I wasn’t sat boggle eyed in front of the charts like I was intra-day trading. A nice problem to have, huh? What was once a stressful time spent intra-daying trading was exchanged for time in the gym, sauna, travelling, and pursuing hobbies like tennis, salsa and martial arts.

I can easily slot easy forex trading into my lifestyle and take it travelling around the world. Providing I have an internet connection I can trade anywhere in the world – even the most far-flung, exotic island locations…and so can you.  But be warned though, contrary to what all the gimmicky “get rich quick” advertising for forex seminars says, trading from the beach is overrated (I’ve tried it and it sucks!).

On a Mission to Promote Easy Forex Trading


My experience in going from an unprofitable, burnet out rookie into a profitable Lazy Trader who trades from no more than ten minutes a day was one heck of a ride. But it wasn’t a pleasant one.  In fact, I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy.  It actually imprinted on me so much that I have since been committed to helping others succeed in trading financial markets. A lot of people go through what I went through and simply give up. But what if I said you don’t have to? There is absolutely no reason why you have to tread the same pathway as I did, lose a lot of money and sanity in the process…

…Especially when I can tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. Apart from trading profitably for a number of years, I have also spent a great deal of my time mentoring private investors gain consistency in their own trading.  Funnily enough, I am able to see myself in a lot of people who I mentor and that’s where I am able to empathise and pinpoint exactly where they are going wrong, whether it’s their timing, selection, management, forex strategy or own inner-game.

Sure, I’ve got testimonials and a track-record to back this up…and face it, I wouldn’t have this website today if I didn’t.

Ok, so if you’ve read this far that that tells me a lot about you… perhaps your trading and not getting the results you feel you deserve. Perhaps you have gone through – or are currently going through – a similar struggle to what I did all those years ago.

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.


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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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