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Awesome Gifts Active Traders Enjoy All Year Long

By Rob on December 26, 2014

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First, for everyone celebrating the holiday season, we wish you all plenty of good health, happiness, and prosperity! The holidays are a time for reflection, celebration, and, for many active traders, a time to step away from the markets for a short time and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

This is also a time to share love and give thanks to those who are near and dear to us, and even though active traders tend to work alone, often, it’s the people who are there behind the scenes who contribute equally to our success.

So even though the holidays may include the shiny new toys and gifts we get to unwrap ourselves, this season especially, we active traders must make sure not to forget to pay kind thanks to those special people for the blessings they bestow upon us all year!

Key Takeaways

Learn to value those around you

Understand how this support system contributes to your success

Why learning is often the difference between success and failure

Family & Support System

Active Traders Need a Support SystemFew may truly understand the emotional rollercoaster that active traders endure; except, of course, for the family members and/or support system that see it firsthand.  After all, at the end of the day, we’re all more than just active traders, and indeed, there are mothers and fathers, siblings, sons and daughters, and much more out there among us. To those who listen and help encourage us, who give space when it’s needed, and who may sometimes be on the receiving end when we active traders vent our frustrations, be sure to say thanks. It’s those people who keep us grounded, give incentive to continually learn and develop trading skills, and who make sacrifices so we can all pursue our dreams as active traders. They may even contribute and help with your punishment system.

Mentors & Educators

Active Traders: It All Starts with EducationEveryone’s journey has to begin somewhere, and for many active traders, that happens long before the first losing trade. Starting only with the knowledge and ideas that come courtesy of a mentor, trading coach, and/or educator, active scalping traders build a foundation for their methodology, and perhaps only now can we see how timeless and crucial that education truly is.

For the mentors and those who play such a vital role in all of our continuing education and development, give thanks, and never stop thirsting for more. You see, every day is a learning experience, and a mentor’s influence can go on and on, especially when you keep in contact and perhaps even become colleagues, not to mention friends.

If a certain individual, or maybe several, have helped give you the gift of trading education, take the time to say thanks this season. In the rush of things from day to day, it’s easy to forget, but having a chance to do what you love, and maybe even earn a living by doing it, is truly one of the greatest gifts of all. Give thanks to those who make it possible!

Copy the best?

If you are starting off, you may wish to look at social trading and copy trading. With social trading you can find out from and learn what other traders are doing. With copy trading you can find the top performing traders and copy them. In both cases they can help you develop your knowledge.

Be Thankful for the Journey

Active Traders: Cherish the JourneyLast, but not least, take time out to celebrate yourself, and your ongoing journey as a technical analysis trader. Whether you have winning trades or losing trades, be thankful for the opportunity you have to pursue Forex trading. Realize that simply staying solvent and preserving the capital needed to begin another year is a feat that the many thousands of losing traders who failed unfortunately can’t celebrate the way you can.

So don’t close the book on 2014 just yet! Now is a great time to reflect on the year that was, honor what you did well, and work on the areas and new trade ideas where you most stand to improve going forward.

Most of all, though, before you start looking ahead and setting trading goals for next year, be sure to celebrate your journey in 2014, knowing that active traders don’t need to make millions to feel rich. The limitless possibilities, as well as the freedom to continually learn and grow, all while doing something you love, is a gift that’s well worth celebrating, so don’t let that go unrecognized this season!


Sometimes, amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the true meaning gets lost, but hopefully not this year!

You see, while in the spirit of giving, be sure to give thanks to all of those who help make trading a reality, from the professionals who coach you and cater to your needs, to the network of family and friends who stand behind you in your ongoing pursuits. And, as you show gratitude to those around you, cherish the opportunity you have yourself to live this life and trade for leisure, or perhaps for a living.

This season especially, a lot of gifts will be exchanged, but for us active traders, it’s important to remember that some of the most generous gifts of all are the ones we’ve already received this year! Happy holidays to one and all! 

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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