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7 Ways to Eliminate Stress with Lifestyle Trading

By Rob on February 12, 2016

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You’ve probably heard people liken trading the markets to so many things, from a complex chess game, to pressure-packed, high-stakes business deals, and even a grudge match against a powerful (and invisible) opponent. But why doesn’t anyone refer to trading as a relaxing, carefree hobby? Is lifestyle trading effective?

With lifestyle trading, the markets can become more relaxing and devoid of stress. You can redefine your approach and trade more leisurely and under control, free from the intense demands of full-time, intraday trading.

To all who’ve tried it, lifestyle trading is just a better way to trade, so if you’re a new trader or are tired of “battling it out” in the markets for hours each day, lifestyle trading is likely a very viable alternative…and there’s plenty in it for you, too!

Here are no less than seven (7) reasons why lifestyle trading can quickly alleviate stress while matching—if not improving upon—your overall trading performance.

Adjust Your Expectations from the Beginning

Somewhere in between the “magic black box” systems that promise instant profits and the intensive courses on 20 DVDs that will have you trading well in just thousands of not-so-short hours is the reality that trading can be as simple, or as complex, as you choose to make it.

That’s why, with lifestyle trading, the expectations aren’t about fast money or long hours, but only about a lasting commitment to simplicity, clear logic, and repetition, which enables effective trading without the demands, stress, and lofty expectations that come with other methods. And, as you’ll likely find out, the results take care of themselves from there!

Target only Simple, Repetitive Patterns

7 Ways to Reduce Stress with Lifestyle TradingHow much easier would trading be if you knew going into each session precisely what you were looking for on the charts? While some methods require counting complex waves, or scanning for a laundry list of potential patterns and signals, lifestyle trading is built upon a foundation of just one, “bread and butter” price pattern. Also, using pure price action eliminates the need for multiple technical indicators and makes for clean, readable charts where the patterns (if they’re present) stand out, and if not, you simply pass and wait for a valid opportunity.

Trade Fewer Set-ups with Greater Confidence

In lifestyle trading, there’s no expectation that you’ll trade every session. Because you’re targeting only the most favorable set-ups that combine high probability and optimal reward/risk profile, you may only execute once every few days…and that’s perfectly acceptable!

Being selective with your trades imparts more confidence, reduces stress, and places fewer demands on your time and capital. When an exemplary trend opportunity arises, you trade it, but staying out is also an acceptable outcome, which is highly contrary to the much-higher-frequency intraday strategies that become so all-consuming for new and developing traders.

Trade Higher Time Frames

7 Ways to Reduce Stress with Lifestyle TradingAnother way lifestyle trading lessens day-to-day stress is by smoothing out the impact of intraday news and volatility by focusing on higher time frames like the daily and weekly. With that, volatile price swings are less likely to create whipsaws that trip your stops and make good trades turn out badly. The higher time frames also help make for clearer charts with more tradable trend moves, and even if unruly sideways price action is happening intraday, there are often clearly defined ranges and tradable support and resistance levels in play on, say, the lesser-watched weekly chart.

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Benefit from End-of-Day Trading

Lifestyle trading also enables you to avoid the most volatile and stressful trading conditions, which tend to occur throughout the morning hours or on the heels of economic news and data releases. By trading end of day instead, once the news has already been digested by the market, you get a precise entry with fewer worries about the news and data that consumes the lives of most other traders.

More Balance Between Trading, Work, & Life

7 Ways to Reduce Stress with Lifestyle TradingBy choosing a trading method that requires little more than an hour of your time each week, or just minutes a day, you can maintain your current priorities, like work, time with family and loved ones, and even trade remotely while enjoying travel and leisure. There’s no need to stay glued to the screens while watching trades move tick by tick, and most importantly, with lifestyle trading, you can stop living and dying by the outcome of every new candle! You’ll find peace of mind, take trades you can simply “set and forget,” and enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle, all while remaining a consistent player in the markets.

Let someone else handle the stress for you

You could always let someone else handles the day-to-day stress for you? Even better, mirror trading lets you copy automated trading software! If you prefer the ‘human touch’ why not copy trade a successful trader?


In the end, why make so many sacrifices in order to make your life fit your trading strategy when you can choose lifestyle trading instead? Effective trading doesn’t have to be so emotional, serious, and time consuming! More fun and less stress starts with a simple commitment to doing more of what works, trading for the long term, and going a friendlier route with lifestyle trading!

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The Lazy Trader is a publishing brand dedicated putting the fun back into finance, presenting powerful wealth creation strategies for a better world.

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