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5 Reasons Why Trading on the Beach is Overrated

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You’ve probably seen it all before – the high res snaps of fast cars, Champagne in ice-bucket, and, of course, the classic...that photograph of a model trading on the beach with laptop in one hand and mojito in the other. Such imagery seems to be part and parcel of any free financial markets trading, network marketing or property seminars with an ‘up-sell’ at the end...of the lifestyle you “deserve and can have...” (But, of course, for a pretty penny).

Being in a position to trade financial markets from the beach is often viewed by many as the very pinnacle of where any ‘successful trader’ should be...But I can tell you, trading from the beach is over-rated. In fact, it’s a damn pain in the ass!

Trust me, I’ve tried. Thrice now...and it just gets worse every time!  Thailand and Malaysia earlier in the year was my first two stabs and this weekend I was on Barcelona’s ivory white sandy beaches in front on seas which sparkled like a thousand diamonds. This would be my third and final attempt.

Of course, the markets are closed over the weekend but even with the five minutes spent on managing my USDSEK and AUDCAD sell positions amounted to being nothing more than hassle.

So before you go any experience this for yourself in pursuit of what many would consider to be “the dream,” here are:

5 Reasons Why Trading on the Beach is Overrated

working from the beach

Barcelona, July laptop in sight!

Trading on the Beach is Overrated: Reason #1
The ball and chain effect – your laptop will most likely be the most valuable thing in your possession at the beach, yet alone the most valuable thing on the beach, so the paranoia of loss, theft or damage will creep in at the very moments when you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself.  “Fancy a swim and snorkel in the sea?” – “No, you’re ok...I’m looking after my laptop!”

Trading on the Beach is Overrated: Reason #2
The glare from the sun makes it next to impossible to see what you’re actually doing – a dangerous prospect if you’re trade sizing or even calculation the numbers for your trade.

Trading on the Beach is Overrated: Reason #3
Distractions all around you – whether it be the sun, the cries of contentment from neighbouring kids as they play in the sand, or even the local beach hawkers trying to tout their bric-a-brac. What happened to keeping your “work life” separate from your playtime?

Trading on the Beach is Overrated: Reason #4
Sand gets in the laptop – a liability which could affect the longevity of your hardware and of course, your valuable data.

Trading on the Beach is Overrated: Reason #5
A reliable internet connection? You can forget it! The more beautiful the beach the worse it the internet connection gets. The most stunningly attractive beached in the world are so because they are remote and isolated...away from man’s influence. So to firstly expect and, secondly, experience high speed WIFI ‘hotspots’ in such locations is delusional...and any trader will tell you the internet connection is vital in order for them to do what they do best.

So there you have it. The first-hand experience of a theme perpetuated through advertising time and again felt very differently to what, most probably, was intended. I didn’t manage to make “working” from the beach on my laptop work for me...but by all means give it a go! But please don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

These days I find that trading forex from my desk works best...even if it for only minutes a day.  Then I have the rest of the day to check out the beach, minus my laptop!Check out how you can do the same with the flagship Lazy Trader Ultimate programme.

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  1. Anshirk said:
    November 5, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    laugh at the idea, Im more of - what the H !! if I lost my laptop. Trading at the beach wont make it good really 😀 It's time to unwind

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